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London Criminal Act
Cat : HDA News
Date : 2005-11-05 03:16:09                      Reader : 508
We express our greef condelence to the families of the victims. We demand urgently the investigation of those criminals behind it.
We reject such criminal acts, we disapprove such barbarian acts, we demand a fair trial for the accused whether Muslims or others. Refering to our law, eye be eye , tooth by tooth , for those who kill intentionaly innocent people.
As far as Islam is concerned such criminal acts are not accepted at all. Islam even during war, with declared invasion to our country , there are restrictions and laws to be respected that the whole world need today :
1- Do not kill any man or woman or child who carry no arm.
2- Do not kill civilians what so ever. 
3- Do not kill those at their home, or wholly place , or hiding in any corner whitout arm in their hand.
4- Do not poison water, do not cut trees, bref respect the environment.
5- Do not fight except those who carry arm and fight you.
6- Respect POWS, do not torture them ,do not force them to say what they do not want to say, give them shelter, food, and medcine.
7- Do not even touch a woman, a child , or an old man walking in the steet.
8- Prohibition of all arms of today particularly WMD as they kill all without distingtion. We doubt too much those behind 9/11 events , and London terrorist acts to be Muslims . If it happens to be , then those who committed it , Surely they know nothing about Islam.
We regret that each time we come to explain Islam to the West in a friendly way, such criminal acts destroy all what we build as bridges with the West .

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