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Cat : End to Evil
Date : 2005-10-02 08:50:34                      Reader : 1113
* We must move boldly against them ….. And we don’t have much time !! .
* Rejecting international treaties & institutions, embracing an unprecedented and deeply un-American doctrine of preventive war .

* Treating the " War on Terror" as a kind of divinely inspired crusade against evil .
* Insulting the UN ( except when we need it to bail us out) . eschewing diplomacy for force , bigfooting everybody who dares to oppose United States.
* The Hamas terrorist ( resistance ) who attacks Israelis is identical to the al-Qaida terrorist who attacks Americans .

*Iran is the worst terrorist state .
* North Korea has committed terrorist atrocities .
* We must move boldly against them .
* Also against all other sponsers of terrorism as well :
* Syria, Libya, and Saudi Arabia .
* In my guess that the US will insist on the right to maintain bases in Iraq . to supply , expand. or contract them at will , and to conduct military operations Inside Iraq, or against third countries from Iraq, without requiring the permission of the host government.

* A more closely Integrated Europe is no longer an unqualified American interest, and that America should actively try to drive a wedge between France and the rest of the continent .
* All important NATO business to be conducted by NATO’S military council, on which France does not sit .

* China still harbors aggressive ambitions that threaten not only Taiwan, but also United States .
* We should force European governments to choose between Paris & Washington .
* We must do our utmost to preserve our British ally’s strategic independence from Europe.

Such agenda is declared war against the whole world.
Such agenda are surely not American . All nations have their own values . Putting Israel as focal point indicates very well who rules America, to day .

To face world wide such agenda, immediate reformation of world map should take place. New coalitions are urgent to counterpart monopoly and to bring back equilibrium .

As Putin declared: China, Russia and India should go together. Pakistan, Iran, and Turky should have their common market . The Acian should go forward to build their own coalition : Malaysia, Tailand , Philippine and Japan Why not? . Europe should speed up their unity in all domains. The whole world today prefers the " Euro" currency as dollar is shooting down to its destiny . The Arab World must achieve its unity as quickly as possible .

An End to Evil really necessitates such transformations so as to end it definitely namely US and Israel and save world peace and stability .

Why all this ? Please read An End to evil, response by:-

*Richard FORNO


*The Dogma of Richard Perle

An End to Evil

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2.End of the Beginning (416kb)        
3.The New Axis (721kb)       
4.The War at Home (1.01mb)           
                     Appendix-Aknowledgments (151kb)     

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