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Take action: If you want Muslims to identify with Britain, don t demonise and bomb them
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Date : 22/07/2015                      Reader : 63

Take action: If you want Muslims to identify with Britain, don t demonise and bomb them



David Cameron's 5-year plan, outlined today, represents yet another government attack on British Muslims. It sidelines any serious analysis of the root causes of terrorism.
Absent from his speech was the vital role British foreign policy has played in the dramatic growth of terrorism since the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and subsequently the bombing of Libya.
The speech denied a connection between 'radicalisation' and Muslim's 'historic grievances'. The reason is simple; not content with demonising domestic Muslim communities, he is trying to clear the way for escalating the bombing campaign against Syria, a campaign he has already started in secret and against the will of parliament.
Stop the War is asking all its supporters to do everything possible to build opposition to Cameron's plan to escalate the attacks on Syria.


Build pressure against further UK military intervention in Syria

  • Lobby your MP now. Over 2500 people have written to their MPs. In 2013, pressure on MPs was crucial.
  • Sign the petition against the bombing of Syria - over 1000 have signed over the weekend.
  • Organise street stalls and petitioning sessions. Download the petition from our web site.
  • Hold a public meeting against the bombing of Syria (contact the office if you need help with this).
  • Participate in the debate by phoning local radio stations.
    • The topic of bombing Syria is likely to loom large this week, especially in radio prime time (around 8-9 am and 5-6 pm).
    • LBC (Leading Britain's Conversation) is a prominent example of a talk radio station (97.3 FM, its telephone number is 0345 60 60 973).
    • BBC Radio 5 Live (AM: 693 kHz, 909 kHz, 990 kHz ) is another major national talk radio station. Its telephone number is 0500 909693.
    • For a list of local BBC radio stations, click here.

If you have any ideas or you need support campaigning in your local area, please contact us any time by email or by phone.

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