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Date : 25/05/2015                      Reader : 66

H.D.A : Congress members are unaware of Obama wicked tool of ISIS the Israel Security Inteligence Service which is created by axe of evil US/Israel to topel regimes in Mid East to pave way for Zionist Great Israel!!US stands behind ISIS that make gains for Obama evil Terrorist wicked strategy to dominate the world!!Such stupid strategy will destroy US itself before others!!US terrorism in Egypt,Yemen,Syria,Iraq,Libya,is under focus bringing great enemity and isolation for US!!THE GRAND LOSER IN THIS RISKY DANGEROUS GAME IS US DEFINITELY!!




Infowars         24-5-2015





Iraq’s lack of national unity in the fight against ISIS threatens to splinter the country into several parts, a defense expert and two members of Congress said Sunday.

“This is a terrorist problem that affects us, and we have to take a more forward-leaning posture,” said Michele Flournoy, who served as Defense Department under secretary of policy during President Barack Obama’s first term, on CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday.

“The truth is, ISIS is a threat not just in Iraq and Syria, it is a threat to us, particularly given the flow of foreign fighters,” she said.

Her comments come in the wake of an ISIS victory over Iraqi troops in the city of Ramadi last week. The development infuriated U.S. military members who had fought to take the city and led to a new round of concerns that the Iraqi army isn’t strong enough to handle the threat of ISIS.

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