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A)Several killed in attack on Afghan guesthouse, including US citizen
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Date : 14/05/2015                      Reader : 54

H.D.A : We regret NATO plan to maintain  presence in Afghanistan after end of current mission.No Afghan what so ever would accept extention of colonizers to stay on Afghan lands after deadline defined in agreement!!Why should NATO maintain presence in Afghanistan after end of current mission?!!Afghans are fed up of colonization.They want to live freely as other natons!!We call Afghans to continue ther Jihad till last foreign soldier leaves the country!!We apprexiate highly Afghan resistance attack today on guest house that killed nine!!Afghans are the model of great victory against colonization alliance of 40 countries defeated in face of Jihad!!Among defeated powers are NATO,US,EU.UK,FRANCE,GERMANY,AMONG OTHERS!!WE ADVISE ALLMUSLIM WORLD TO STUDY AFGHAN REVOLUTION TOKNOW HOW A MINORITY NEARLY ARMLESS AGAINST 40COUNTRIES INCLUDING NATO,US,UK,FRANCE,ETC.!!


RT         13-5-2015


A)Several killed in attack on Afghan guesthouse, including US citizen

B)NATO to maintain presence in Afghanistan after end of current mission


An American and two Indian citizens were among those killed after gunmen attacked a guesthouse in Kabul, Afghanistan, renowned for being popular with foreign tourists, according to local officials.

“Five people were killed including foreigners and Afghans in the attack on Park Palace guesthouse,” Kabul police chief Abdul Rahman Rahimi told reporters, adding that at least five others were injured during the accident in the upmarket district which is popular with international aid agency workers.

“Fifty-four people were rescued by security forces,” he added after a large number of armed personnel swooped on the guesthouse.

The police chief did not name the nationalities of the fallen foreigners, but the American embassy confirmed the death of one US national.

“Our thoughts are with the families of the victims at this time. Out of respect for the families of those killed, we have no further information at this time,” US embassy spokeswoman Monica Cummings told AFP.

In addition, Indian ambassador tweeted that there were “a few Indian casualties.” Reuters reported at least 2 Indian casualties.

The attackers arrived on motorcycles right after firing on a nearby provincial government office building. Park Palace was hosting the concert of a a classical singer, Altaf Hussain, when the gunfire started.

“The clash caused four policemen and three civilians killed in addition to the attackers,” deputy provincial police chief Padshah Gul Bakhtyar told Xinhua, after security forces faced heavy gunfire from the assailants.

When the attack began Wednesday night, the area was sealed off by authorities as police and special forces responded to the scene.

The Park Palace Hotel is located in the same area as the Indian Embassy and Afghanistan's Ministry of Interior.

While the Taliban has previously attacked hotels in Afghanistan, no group has yet claimed responsibility for this incident.


NATO will maintain a presence in Afghanistan after the end of its current mission Resolute Support, the alliance said on Wednesday. “Today, we took a major decision which shows that we stay committed to Afghanistan,” NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said after a meeting of foreign ministers of NATO and partner countries in Antalya, Turkey. The future presence will be led by civilians, but “it will have a military component,” he said. The plan for the continued alliance’s presence will be developed by this autumn, according to Stoltenberg.



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