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Deadly Attacks by Militants Continue in Sinai
Cat : Terrorism
Date : 12/03/2015                      Reader : 68

H.D.A : Terrorism industralisation in Sinai is fabricated and manipulated by Americans,Israelis,Dahlan Mohammed,and Sisi himself!!They export it to all governates of Egypt where peaceful demonstrators demsnd end of military coup,and restiration of democratic elected regime of Dr Mohammed Morsi!!Unfortunately the gang of the four in Sinai take terrorism as a pretext to kill thousands of innocent civilians since military coup till now!!We urge UN to investigate situation in Sinai,as well as a rrested detainees of 41000 in jails of Sisi democratic regime supported strongly by US/ISRAEL,axe of evil!


NYTIMES        12-3-2015




Deadly Attacks by Militants Continue in Sinai


CAIRO — A man driving a water truck packed with explosives attacked a security building in the Sinai Peninsula on Tuesday, extending a wave of deadly militant violence in the area to a second day, according to the Interior Ministry.

Security guards opened fire on the truck as it sped toward the building, killing the driver and detonating the explosives; a bystander was killed and dozens of police officers were injured.

In a separate but apparently coordinated attack in the same town, Al-Arish, unidentified militants hurled an explosive device at an armored military vehicle early on Tuesday. An officer in the armed forces was killed and three more were wounded in the strike. A similar attack in northern Sinai on Monday also killed three police officers.


Stretches of northern Sinai have become a base for militant groups that have grown more dangerous since July 2013, when the Egyptian military toppled the elected Islamist-led government of Mohamed Morsi. One of the militant groups has pledged allegiance to the Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL.

The Sinai militants have killed hundreds of police officers and soldiers over the last year and a half, enduring as a deadly threat to the government despite a muscular military campaign ordered by President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi to rout the groups.

Egypt’s military has repeatedly announced successes in its campaign, claiming at regular intervals to have killed scores of militants and destroyed their bases.

Even so, Mr. Sisi seemed to acknowledge running into difficulties in Sinai in an interview on Monday with Fox News. He appealed to the United States to supply more weapons to his government to fight the militants.

Egyptian officials said that the guards at the security building in Al-Arish may have kept the attack from being even more catastrophic, because the shots they fired detonated the tanker truck before it could strike the building.


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