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A)Priests march, protest attacks in southern Mexico
Cat : War Against Iraq
Date : 25/12/2014                      Reader : 63

H.D.A : The whole world protests against attacks in southern Mwxico,particularly targeting priests and students!!In fact drug mafias are dominating the scene in Mexico up to heart of the Capital!!The government is the most responsible for such crimes being so weak in front of mafias!!We urge government to pay more efforts to face the challenge!!IT IS A QUESTION OF TO BE OR NOT TO BE!!WHO GOVERNS THE COUNTRY?THE STATE OR THE MAFIAS?!!


lasvegassun      23-12-2014

A)Priests march, protest attacks in southern Mexico
B)8 Dead in Apparent Murder-Suicide in Mexico


MEXICO CITY (AP) — Dozens of Roman Catholic priests and religious workers have marched through the southern Mexico city of Ciudad Altamirano to protest the latest in a series of kidnappings, killings and robberies of priests.

Wednesday's marchers were led by Bishop Maximino Martinez. They called for the release of the Rev. Gregorio Lopez Gorostieta, who apparently was kidnapped from a local seminary on Monday.

His pickup truck was found abandoned, and the church has filed a crime report with police, though the motive remains unclear.

Drug cartel violence has made the hotlands region of southern Guerrero state one of the most dangerous in all of Mexico.

At least two priests have been killed in Guerrero state this year and several others have been abducted, robbed or wounded in robbery attempts.


B)8 Dead in Apparent Murder-Suicide in Mexico

MEXICO CITY — A man apparently killed six children and a woman, then committed suicide at a home in a Mexico City suburb, authorities said Wednesday.

The children, four boys and two girls, apparently died from asphyxia, a statement from the Mexico state prosecutor's office said. A woman who appeared to have been beaten was found on a bed and the man investigators believed killed them all was found hanging from a window at the house in Ecatepec, a suburb just north of Mexico City.

Investigators said they found no signs of gunshots or knife wounds on any of the bodies.

Authorities did not release their identities or how they were related, but local media reported that the man had killed his ex-wife and poisoned their six children.


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