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Airstrikes hit western Libyan port
Cat : Peace And Security
Date : 03/12/2014                      Reader : 89

H.D.A : US declared war against Libya revolution,and democratic regime!!!US sent Hafter ,the American who stayed 20 years in America,who joined CIA ,then left US for Libya with mission to turn ovder thde fegime and restore Gaddaffi military staff to enable Westerns to steal once again oil & gas as they did for 42 years during Gaddaffi regime!!Obama ordered Sisi of Egypt to help Hafter,where US delivered 30 planes under pretext of fighting terrorism* to Sisi,to use them to bombard Libya!!US is in open war with Libyan people accusing them as terrorists,the time US terrifies Libyan innocent peole with American planes striking up to Western Libyan port!!General Hafter is the terrorist like Sisi in Egypt,but stil US is not shy to accuse Egyptian people as terrorists!!US/Israel/Dahlan/Sisi stand behind terrorism in Sinai,then export it to all Egypt governates to accuse peaceful opposition with terrorism!!


lasvegassun        3-12-2014


Airstrikes hit western Libyan port

CAIRO (AP) — Libya's official news agency says warplanes have struck the port of a western coastal city, a day after similar strikes killed eight people.

LANA reports that Zuwara port was bombed on Wednesday. Tuesday's airstrikes were carried out by the country's internationally recognized government, which has been meeting in eastern Libya since Islamist-led militias took control of the capital and formed their own government.

The strikes come as a U.N. mission in Libya attempts to promote political dialogue among the country's rival factions and bring peace to the tumultuous country.

The fighting — Libya's worst since the 2011 ouster and killing of longtime dictator Moammar Gadhafi — has left the country with two rival governments and parliaments. It has displaced hundreds of thousands of people and driven out foreigners and diplomats.

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