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Egypt’s human rights groups ‘targeted’ by crackdown on foreign funding
Cat : Fall of USA
Date : 10/11/2014                      Reader : 116

H.D.A : We wonder how Red Indians,nd Cow boys dared to overthrow democratic regime of Egypt,and impose military regime to serve Zionist agenda on account of Egypt interests!!Americans killed 7000 civilians,arrested 41000 political prisoners,closed all opposition media,and absent minded Kerry and Hagel with Homo sexuel Obama claim democracy is progressing in Egypt under military coup!!Westerns forced UN to welcome General Sisi as president of Egypt,while 41000 opposition civilians are in jail including University professors,universities students,Judges,and women!!Dirty Westerns kept silent ,if not endorsed butcheries,up to snakes in girls and women cells in prisons,who were able to kill five snakes!!Westerns are supporting Israel agenda to split Egypt,and force Sinai citizins t5o leave their homes for sake of Israel!!HRC OF UN KEPT SILENT UNDER ORDERS FROM COWBOYS AND RED INDIANS OF AMERICA


FT.COM         10-11-2014

Egypt’s human rights groups ‘targeted’ by crackdown on foreign funding


Egyptian rights groups and local journalists paid by foreign news outlets fear they are the target of a presidential decree banning the receipt of foreign money for activity deemed harmful to national interests.

The law, issued this week by the president, Abdel Fatah al-Sisi, permits courts to hand down life sentences to anyone judged to be using funding or weapons from overseas to undermine unity.

Though nominally aimed at terrorists, the law’s vague wording has led rights activists and journalists to fear it will also be used to silence them. Many Egyptian rights groups rely on foreign funding to survive, and journalists and NGO workers have previously been prosecuted for being an alleged threat to national unity.

“It’s a crazy amendment,” said Mohamed Lotfy, executive director of the Egyptian Commission for Rights and Freedoms. “If implemented, the broad scope of the article could easily be misused by prosecutors and police to arrest human rights defenders, on the basis that their work harms national interest.

“Making a film about poverty or writing a report about a protest or attacks on Copts or human rights abuses in Sinai could be deemed harmful to national unity.”

Egypt’s penal code contains other similar articles that can also be used to target rights groups. But this latest amendment has particularly frightened activists and international journalists because it comes as the government considers implementing other legislation to restrict civil society.

NGOs were recently told they had until November to agree to additional restrictions on their activity or risk being shut down. The timing of the new decree adds to concerns that rights groups could be the next target of a 14-month government crackdown on dissent, which has led to the arrest of tens of thousands of protesters and activists.

“There are so many of these articles in the penal code already that can be used in the same abusive way,” Lotfy said. “What is worrying about the new article is that it’s a signal to prosecutors that this issue is very important and that they should look for people who violate it.”

The head of the department responsible for NGOs at Egypt’s ministry for social affairs, Ayman Abdelmawgud, claimed he had not heard of the decree. Other spokespeople could not be reached for comment.


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