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US mid-terms: Republicans poised to take Senate
Cat : Fall of USA
Date : 04/11/2014                      Reader : 111

H.D.A : Americans have no interest in any elections.They are fed up as nothing change and the two parties are like two football teams which serve Zionists rather than Americans!!!More than 40% boycott elections as they have no confidence in nominees,mostly appointed by Jewish lobby AIPAC!!They even get money to enable them to enter Congress!!No one gains without blessings of AIPAC!!The manager A10e0 Congress members in three days just by phone to support Israel,and vote for its bill!!

 AISAC forced Supreme Court to endorse gay marriage, defend its vaimposed tillAmericans now on 33 states!!Economy of 90% in Jews hands ,while Americans of 98% have 10 % only!!An official war is declared against Christian faith that oblige military coup to save America and restore US democracy & values!!Spying on Americans by NSA from abathroom to bedroom,detaining Americans for illimited period ,subjected torture without any specified charge !!More worse 14% under poverty up to 50% including those of modest income,unble to cover their necessities !!Another reason for military coup the National Debt of 18 trillions driving US to total bankruptcy!!

BBC    5-11-2014

US mid-terms: Republicans poised to take Senate

The Republican Party is on the verge of taking the US Senate, where they need just one more seat to win control of the chamber, initial results in the US mid-term elections show.

The party has already won five Senate seats - in Arkansas, Colorado, Montana, South Dakota and West Virginia.

In Florida and Wisconsin, Republican governors have survived tough re-election battles.

The Republicans are also projected to strengthen their hold on the House.

One of the key early results came in Kentucky, where Republican Senate Minority Leader McConnell fended off Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes, positioning himself to lead the chamber should the Republicans win the majority.

"I've heard your concerns, I've made them my own, you will be heard in Washington," he said.

"When you get right down to it that's what this campaign was really all about. It's wasn't about me or my opponent. It was about a government that people can no longer trust."

As polls close across the country, early results indicate a number of both Democratic and Republican Senate incumbents have held onto their seats.

Projections show Republicans have retained seats in Alabama, Georgia, Kansas, Maine, Mississippi, Nebraska, Oklahoma, South Carolina and Tennessee.

Democrats have retained seats in Delaware, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Rhode Island.

They have also held on to the key Senate seat of New Hampshire.

In Louisiana - a key state for the Republicans to win - the contest for the Senate will go to a run-off in December after the Democratic incumbent failed to win an outright majority.

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