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Gaza cut off: Israel closes border crossings indefinitely
Cat : Palestine
Date : 02/11/2014                      Reader : 75

H.D.A :Nazi Zionists never respect UN resolutions!!Today Israel commits an act of war by closing border crossings indefinitely with 2 million civilians in Gaza strip!!Military general of Egypt ,Jewish agent,closed Rafah crossing even earlier to please axe of evil US/Israel!!Recent accord of Egypt between Palestinians and Israel is not respected by Israel!!Where is UN?!!Where is HRC of UN?!!Where are Scandanavian free world?!!Where are Asians?!!Where are OIC,AL,AU?!!Israel is driving world to religious war!!Today Kiennest VP of Israel parliament attacked Aqsa Mosque,planning split of Mosque between Jews and Muslims!!We urge free world to settle peace in Middle East through official recognition of Palestine state according to UN resolutions for an independent state on 4th June.1967 borders,East Jerusalem as capital,and return of six million refugees back to their homeland!!World should follow Sweden being first Western state to recognize Palestine!! 

RT    2-11-2014 



Gaza cut off: Israel closes border crossings indefinitely

Israel has said it's shutting the only two operating Gaza border crossings indefinitely. This comes a day after a projectile hit Israel from the strip, but caused no damage. Border closures threaten to isolate already devastated Gaza completely. The move will affect both the Kerem Shalom and Erez border crossings, Haartez reported, quoting Israel's defense establishment.

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