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Israel pulls out of Gaza town, 7 Palestinians killed
Cat : Palestine
Date : 2006-11-08 13:01:56                      Reader : 255
Israel is above law. Even UN can not do anything , not even to consider Palestine as Dar-five, as Dar-fur !! All Nazi crimes since Israel creation in 1948, Palestine people should suffer even holocaust with more than 4 million driven out of their native land. All simply because Israel is the most powerful with US support. For US along decades , approves Israel Nazi deeds as self defense !! where are world Institutions : EU,UN, WB,IMF, G8, All , Asians, Muslim world League, Organization of Muslim conference where is Al-azhar ? Where are Muslim leaders ?!
Where are Arab leaders ?! All is only keen to have his seat. All are paralyzed because of US.
Why not now to take
action against axe of evil ? How can Palestinians recognize Israel without defined borders ?! Where are Arab and Muslim nations ?! Where are EU nations said US nation ?
Where are Latin America, Africa, Asia nations ?! UN charter is under violation by axe of evil !!


Associated France Press (AFP) 8/11/2006

Israel pulls out of Gaza town, 7 Palestinians killed


BEIT LAHIYA, Gaza Strip -- Israeli troops left Beit Hanun Tuesday as seven people were killed elsewhere in Gaza, raising to more than 60 the Palestinian death toll in the beleaguered territory in a week.

Soldiers departed overnight from a town that the military charged had become a launch pad for rocket attacks against Israel, repositioning elsewhere in the northern Gaza Strip and leaving behind scenes of destruction.

"We withdrew our forces from Beit Hanun after having completed our mission," a military spokesman confirmed after daybreak.

Roads were left gouged out. Homes, two mosques, and a school were destroyed. The historic old town was pockmarked with bullet holes and shell craters, electricity pylons ripped from the ground, and sewage spewing in the streets.

Residents picking their way through the wreckage mourned their "martyrs," eyes red with fatigue, filled with hate and tears, a witness said.

In Gaza for crunch talks with the Hamas-led cabinet on forming a unity government, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas condemned Israel's attacks, charging that Palestinian blood was no guarantee of its state's security.

"If Israel wants peace and security, the path of Palestinian blood is not the one to be followed," Abbas said. "The Israelis announced that they had left Beit Hanun and we thought they had finished, but unfortunately they've begun again," he added. "This proves Israel is determined to continue its aggression not only in Beit Hanun but in the entire Gaza Strip."

Three militants and a woman were among the seven Palestinians killed Tuesday in a string of incidents in which Israeli troops opened fire.

Two of the militants were from the radical Islamist Jihad group, which claimed a Monday attack in which a Palestinian woman blew herself up alongside Israeli troops, and a third from the military wing of Hamas.

A woman, Nahla Shanti, and Abdel Majid Ghirbawi were killed when a shell struck the home of Hamas lawmaker Jamileh Al Shanti where the two were staying.

The army said that it returned fire after militants fired two rocket-propelled grenades at its forces in the area. Two other Palestinians, whose identities were not immediately known, were also killed by Israeli fire north of Gaza City.

An Israeli military spokesman said that forces "identified hitting 10 gunmen" after six incidents in which gunmen approached the army or troops came under attack in northern Gaza as well as one airstrike on a militant cell.

The six-day reoccupation of Beit Hanun failed to halt rocket fire, with some 40 rockets landing in Israel since the start of Operation Autumn Clouds. Two more rockets fired from Gaza fell hit Sderot Tuesday, without causing casualties, the mayor of the southern Israeli town said on the radio.

An army spokesman said that troops had seized a large amount of weaponry, including rocket launchers, anti-tank missile launchers, and grenades.

Dozens of Palestinians "suspected of terror involvement" were taken for questioning, he said.

The incursion, the latest in four months of Israeli activity in Gaza in which more than 300 Palestinians have been killed since a soldier was captured in late June, was condemned by the international community.

Israeli officials have repeatedly vowed that they have no intention of permanently reoccupying Gaza, from which the Jewish state withdrew troops and settlers last year after a 38-year occupation.

In all, 62 Palestinians have been killed in Gaza in a week, including more than 50 and one Israeli soldier who died during Autumn Clouds. At least 32 of the Palestinian dead were militants.

Despite the bloodshed, Abbas was due to hold another round of crunch talks Tuesday with Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniya on a unity cabinet.

Abbas has tried in vain for months to persuade the Islamist party to agree to a moderate platform acceptable to the international community in order to lift a crushing economic and political boycott of the Palestinian territories.

In Damascus, Syrian foreign minister Walid Al Moallem expressed support for a Palestinian unity government after talks with Khaled Meshaal, the hardline exiled leader of Hamas, the official Sana news agency reported.

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