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Three killed in Gaza as Israel vows to press assault
Cat : Palestine
Date : 2006-11-06 12:03:20                      Reader : 275
than 4 million Palestinian are kicked out, 78% of their land occupied, 11% more for Israel colonies, with nothing at all left for Palestine State. US, EU, UN, WB, IMF, G8 all are pressing hard for recognition of Israel state without even defining its borders.
Palestinians want bilateral recognition based on 4th June, 1967 borders as a precondition for negotiation. Why UN is getting rid of its 60 resolutions concerning Middle East crises ?!

Associated France Press (AFP) 6/11/2006

Three killed in Gaza as Israel vows to press assault


by Adel Zaanoun
GAZA CITY (AFP) - Three Palestinians were killed in the Gaza Strip as Israel vowed to keep up an assault against militants that has killed 49 Palestinians and an Israeli soldier in five days.
Amid the rising death toll, Pope Benedict XVI appealed "to stop the blood flowing" while Gaza militants warned that the operation was risking the life of an Israeli soldier they seized in late June.

A member of the armed wing of the ruling Palestinian movement Hamas was shot dead in Beit Hanun and a member of the security forces close to president Mahmud Abbas's Fatah party was killed in nearby Beit Lahiya, medics said.

A militant of the hardline Islamic Jihad faction was later killed and another serious wounded in an air strike against their vehicle near the Jabaliya refugee camp.

Two men also died of wounds they received the previous day's fighting.

Tanks and bulldozers surrounded the hospital in Beit Hanun, which Israel says has become a launchpad for rocket fire and which has borne the brunt of Operation Autumn Clouds since its launch on Wednesday.

Soldiers warned through loudspeakers that they would open fire on anyone trying to enter or leave the building, witnesses said.

"The soldiers in tanks ordered us to close the doors of the hospital and said not to move, otherwise they'll fire," deputy hospital director Nasser Radwan told AFP by telephone.

He said the building did not have electricity or enough water for its patients.

The Israeli army said that it was not aware of the warnings. "There is only one tank in position near the hospital, but there is nothing extraordinary going on ... We're not aware of such warnings," a spokesman said.

At the Vatican, Pope Benedict voiced concern over the deteriorating situation in the beleaguered coastal strip and expressed "my support for the civilian population who suffer the consequences of these acts of violence."

He asked pilgrims gathered in Saint Peter's Square to pray "that our almighty and merciful God enlighten the Israeli and Palestinian authorities and all the countries working in the region to find a way to stop the blood flowing."

Jordan, one of the two Arab countries with which Israel has full relations, condemned the offensive, warning it would "only increase tensions in the Palestinian territories," and its negative impact would extend to the region.

"The international community agrees that the Israeli use of force will only complicate the situation and will not guarantee security whatsoever," Foreign Minister Abdel Ilah al-Khatib was quoted as saying by the official Petra news agency.

The Arab League said it would hold an emergency meeting at the level of permanent representatives Monday.

The current operation is the largest since an Israeli soldier, Corporal Gilad Shalit, was captured in a deadly cross-border raid on June 25 that prompted Israel to send troops back into the territory.

The groups that claimed responsibility for the raid warned Sunday that the Israeli operations were endangering the serviceman's life.

"We have no intention of killing the prisoner Gilad Shalit, but the Israeli air raids are risking killing him," said Abu Mujahid, a spokesman for the Popular Resistance Committees.

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said the operation would continue for as long as necessary.

"When we reach the conclusion that the effectiveness of the operation is bringing us closer to reaching our goals, we will definitely pull our forces out of Gaza. We have no intention to conquer Gaza, we have no intention to stay in Gaza."

The five-day blitz on Gaza has failed to stem the rocket fire, however, with four more striking southern Israel Sunday.

Its victims have included a four-year-old, a 12-year-old, two teenagers, a 70-year-old and at least 25 militants.

Two Palestinian Red Crescent medics were among those killed on Friday, drawing a condemnation from the International Committee of the Red Cross.

"The ICRC is appalled by this failure to protect personnel engaged in emergency medical duties," it said.

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