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NKorean leader makes first known public
Cat : Peace And Security
Date : 2006-11-04 12:15:17                      Reader : 295
will be Koreans on both sides, then US itself , and whole world security will be threatened . A world war may explode, but this time with WMD. That means all will be losers, and no country will gain.


Peace And Security

Google News 4/11/2006

NKorean leader makes first known public

appearance since agreeing to resume nuke talks

SEOUL, South Korea: North Korea's leader Kim Jong Il made his first known public appearance since his country agreed to return to international talks over its nuclear program, visiting an army unit.

It was also Kim's first known visit to a military unit — which he makes periodically — since the communist North's Oct. 9 nuclear test.

Kim visited the Korean People's Army Unit 1112 and was "greatly satisfied to see the servicepersons of the unit reliably standing guard over the defense line of the country," the official Korean Central News Agency reported late Friday.

Kim browsed through teaching materials for the soldiers and walked around a compound of barracks to learn how the unit was managed, KCNA said.

The North Korean leader "took deep care of the living of the servicepersons" by personally inspecting the unit's facilities, including a cafeteria, a kitchen, a bathhouse and a food store, the report said.

Kim also had a picture taken with the soldiers, KCNA said.

It was the first time the North's official media reported on Kim's activities since the communist nation agreed earlier this week to return to the six-nation nuclear talks, which also involve China, Japan, Russia, South Korea and the United States.

Efforts to resume the talks had gained a new urgency after the North conducted its first-ever nuclear test despite international warnings.

No date has been set for resumption of the nuclear talks, last held in November 2005, but officials have said they could reopen before the year's end.

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