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Colombian women appeal to conscience of cocaine users
Cat : Democracy & H-Rights
Date : 2006-11-03 10:39:08                      Reader : 340
destroys a country ". Such degraded business lead to kidnapping, killing , and Gangs strong power over even official state power . EU and UN should help Latin America to be free of all sorts of drugs. Capital punishment, and alternative agronomy products will solve this problem gradually.


WNN.COM 3/11/2006

Colombian women appeal to conscience of cocaine users


· Campaign hopes to show EU how drug fuels war
· Britain's former envoy and charity sceptical

Duncan Campbell and Sibylla Brodzinsky in Bogotá
The Guardian

Five Colombian women who have survived kidnapping, bombs and landmines have come to Britain to tell cocaine users that they are helping to fuel violence and death in Colombia. The aim is to prick the conscience of the west by highlighting the side-effects of the cocaine trade.
"Every gram of coke that is consumed is soaked in Colombian blood," said the Colombian vice-president, Francisco Santos, as he launched the "shared responsibility" campaign. Colombian guerrillas and rightwing paramilitary groups receive much of their funding from the proceeds of the drug trade and protect their crops with landmines that claim an estimated four victims every day, it was claimed.

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