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U.S.-led group unveils steps to fight nuclear terror
Cat : WMD
Date : 2006-11-01 12:33:04                      Reader : 248
Today Bush classifies countries as axe of good even with WMD, and axe of evil even if they have no WMD !! Selective policy failed to freeze spread of WMD. The five, with Israel, India , Pakistan, and NKorea are the beginning . Al-Baradei said there are 30 countries on the way !! So the best way to secure the world is JFK initiative and not Bush who pushes the world towards war rather than peace.


REUTERS 1/11/2006

U.S.-led group unveils steps to fight nuclear terror


WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The five major nuclear powers and eight other nations on Tuesday endorsed a set of principles designed to keep nuclear materials out of the hands of extremist groups.

The principles, laid out in a statement released by the State Department, aim to improve countries' control over their nuclear materials and to better detect radioactive materials to prevent their trafficking.

They also call for nations to develop criminal and civil penalties for people who facilitate "nuclear terrorism," to deny such people financial resources and and to improve information-sharing about such activities.

The State Department released the principles after the group, which is led by the United States and Russia and is known as the "global initiative to combat nuclear terrorism," met in Morocco this week.

Participating states include Britain, China and France -- which like Russia and the United States have nuclear weapons -- plus Australia, Canada, Germany, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Turkey and Morocco, which announced it would join on Monday.

In addition to committing to the principles themselves, the group called for other nations to voluntarily adopt them.

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