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Bush makes campaign stop in Indiana
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Date : 2006-10-29 14:24:34                      Reader : 321
across the world. 33 countries confirmed by 80% that Iraq war increased terrorism. In fact his fundamental job is to push the world to Armajdon war that ends the world as Bush believes. Bush is already developing WMD, and try for bases in space . Bush has a Nazi nature towards war rather than peace to serve Zionist dream of great Israel!!

UPI 29/10/2006

Bush makes campaign stop in Indiana

SELLERSBURG, Ind., Oct. 28 (UPI) -- President George W. Bush stumped in Indiana Saturday for a Republican congressional candidate, bringing loyalists to their feet by attacking Democrats.

About 4,000 people packed the Silver Creek High School gym in Sellersburg, the Washington Post reported. The event with GOP Rep. Michael Sodrel, who is struggling to keep his seat, kicked off a series of campaign stops in districts where Republicans are in close races.

"The outcome of this election will determine how much money you have in your pocket," Bush shouted. "The outcome of this election will determine whether this government does its most fundamental job, and that is to protect the American people."

Bush has done little active campaigning during the current election season, limiting most of his activity to fundraising. But he plans to hit a number of districts before the Nov. 7 election to rally the Republican base, the newspaper said.

Bush has to be careful because in many areas this year he is a liability, the Post said.

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