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Niger to expel 150,000 Arabs who fled from Chad
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Date : 2006-10-25 14:26:21                      Reader : 319

1980. Africa problems of water shortage , grass feeding for camels, tribal disputes on water sources, all lead to civil wars. UN should help in infrastructure particularly in field of agronomy and water shortage. Also poverty and lack of food is another aspect that needs urgent help from UN.

Reuters 25/10/2006

Niger to expel 150,000 Arabs who fled from Chad
Tue 24 Oct 2006 8:36 PM ET

NIAMEY, Oct 24 (Reuters) - Niger said on Tuesday it planned to expel 150,000 Arabs, who fled conflict in neighbouring Chad two decades ago, because of tensions with indigenous rural communities in the West African nation.

The nomadic Arabs sought refuge in Niger during the 1980s from a series of armed conflicts which shook Chad, as Libyan-backed forces tried to conquer the country.

"The government has decided to return to its frontiers the Mahamid Arabs because of their difficult relations with indigenous rural populations," Niger's Interior Minister Mounkaila Modi told national television.

"This is an operation conducted with respect for human dignity," he said.

Modi said the Arabs from Chad possessed illegal firearms and were a serious threat to the security of local communities.

"The indigenous populations are exasperated by the behaviour of these Arabs. We can no longer tolerate this situation," he said, adding the Arabs' camels were draining local oases.

Niger's southeastern Diffa region has similar ethnic groups to Chad, including Arabs.

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