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US soldier goes missing in Iraq
Cat : War Against Iraq
Date : 2006-10-24 18:37:58                      Reader : 305

detainees. Even the Bible should be offered to the soldier, with all means of reading , writing, even TV, to be supplied with magazines of his country if demanded. Islam is simply treatment. Our success is how we deal with minorities, and detainees. But it is out of the question to release the soldier unless US appeals to Iraq demands.

Google .com 24/10/2006

US soldier goes missing in Iraq

US troops are coming under attack more frequently
US forces in Baghdad are searching for a soldier who went missing in the city on Monday night, the military has said.
Cordons have been erected in a central district of the city where the soldier disappeared, and troops are conducting door-to-door searches.

It is not clear whether the man, an American of Iraqi descent working as a translator, has gone absent without leave or has been kidnapped.

The disappearance comes amid a surge in attacks on US troops.

More than 80 US troops have died in October - more than in any single month since November 2004.

The soldier, who has not been named, was declared missing at 1930 local time (1730 GMT) on Monday.

A security cordon was put around Baghdad's central Karradah district, and reconnaissance helicopters were seen flying overhead.

Troops raided the al-Furat TV station as part of efforts to find the missing man.

The last US troops to be reported missing in Iraq, in June, were found murdered and mutilated days later.

An insurgent group with links to al-Qaeda in Iraq said it was responsible for the killings.

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