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Rudd says Iraq war bad for US reputation
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Date : 2006-10-22 15:01:24                      Reader : 331

years now of bad reputation of US in many fields due to Iraq invasion such as violation of human rights , spying on Americans, rejecting and challenging U.S. Justice, as well as Legislative power, signing an authorization for torture and abuse of detainees last week, scandal of Abu Ghraib, as well as Guantanamo, all damaged seriously U.S. reputation.

WNN 22/10/2006

Rudd says Iraq war bad for US reputation

Opposition foreign affairs spokesman Kevin Rudd has questioned the impact the war in Iraq is having on the United States's reputation in the international arena.

Labor has promised to withdraw troops from Iraq if it wins the next federal election, and it is urging the US and Britain to rethink their policy on Iraq.

Mr Rudd has told the ABC's Insiders program US involvement in Iraq has been a radical and negative departure from the normal pattern of its foreign policy engagement.

"We, as friends and allies of the United States, are enormously disturbed by the impact which this has on America's global prestige and therefore its ability to act in other theatres," he said.

"Therefore we want to see a good outcome for the Iraqi people themselves and a good outcome for American foreign policy."


With pressure growing on the Bush administration to reduce the growing violence in Iraq, the New York Times says US officials are drawing up a timetable for the Iraqi Government to improve security.

The newspaper quotes Pentagon sources as saying that a series of objectives would be set for the Iraqis, such as the disarmament of sectarian militias.

A White House spokeswoman says the New York Times story is not accurate.

Meanwhile, senior US State Department official Alberto Fernandez has said the United States has shown stupidity in Iraq, but has tried to do its best.

The comment came in an interview in Arabic with the television station, Al Jazeera.

"History will decide the American record in Iraq, and, God willing, we have tried to do well," he said.

"However I think there is great room for strong criticism because without doubt there is arrogance and stupidity by the United States in Iraq."

Mr Fernandez also said the US was willing to talk to any group in Iraq - except Al Qaeda - to try to bring about national reconciliation.

Failure to do so, he said, would be a disaster not only for the US, but for the entire region.

British prediction

British junior foreign minister Kim Howells says Iraqi soldiers and police will be ready to take over security from coalition troops within a year.

He has told BBC radio that he will be surprised if Iraqi forces have not taken over command by that time.

"I would have thought that certainly in a year or so there will be adequately trained Iraqi soldiers and security forces - policemen and women and so on - in order to do the job," Mr Howells said.

"I would be very surprised if there was not that kind of capacity taking on a lot of the work done by the coalition forces.

"I have not had a recent briefing on just how advanced the training is, but the messages I have been receiving are that the Iraqi army is coming along very well.

"But the problem is we do not know what the state of play is vis-a-vis the militias - how well armed they are, how sustainable their present rate of fighting is.

His comments came as British troops remain on standby to re-enter the southern city of Amara.


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