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Jewish settlement group cites outposts
Cat : Palestine
Date : 2006-10-21 14:11:12                      Reader : 262
Bank outposts by Israel government in Palestine land ?! Even those West Bank outposts that U.S. demanded to be removed, have also been steadily expanding despite repeated government pledges to dismantle them.In brief : Israel is challenging not only UN but also US its disciple .
How can Palestinians recognize Israel that occupies their land and claims borders till Jordan River ?! Who can dare to accept such precondition for negotiations. We appeal UN to force a resolution for bilateral recognition of both states Palestine and Israel, based on 4th June, 1967 borders with full right of return of Palestine refugees, before any negotiations .
UN forces are urgently needed there to stop bloodshed of Palestinians and push negotiations till peace is attained.

Associated France Press (AP) 21/10/2006

Jewish settlement group cites outposts


JERUSALEM - More than 40 percent of unauthorized West Bank outposts are built on private Palestinian land, a Jewish settler watchdog group said Friday, adding that there are no signs the Israeli government is taking steps to tear them down.

The West Bank outposts, which the U.S. has demanded be removed, have also been steadily expanding despite repeated government pledges to dismantle them, according to the report by Peace Now.

Dror Etkes, the group's spokesman, said his research was based on maps provided by the army's civil administration branch, which oversees civilian affairs in the West Bank. According to the report, compiled for the Israeli government, Palestinians privately own 43 percent of the land which settlers have used to build their hilltop communities.

Etkes said Peace Now's calculations were conservative, including only land that the maps definitively showed belonged to Palestinians. "We were very, very minimalist," he said.

Emily Amrussi, a settler spokeswoman, called Peace Now's findings "a complete lie."

More than 90 percent of all outposts are built on land owned by the Israeli government, Amrussi said. Just five of the outposts were built on private land, which she said Israelis are in the process of purchasing.

On Thursday, settlers and government officials said Israel's defense minister is working on a plan that would give some unauthorized settler outposts official government approval, in violation of the U.S.-backed road map peace plan.

Defense Minister Amir Peretz is negotiating with settler leaders on a deal to take down some of the outposts, move others and give authorization to the rest, Amrussi said Thursday.

The Defense Ministry confirmed that talks with settler leaders are taking place and would continue, saying Peretz initiated them to defuse tension and allow the evacuation of illegal outposts to proceed.

However, the ministry said in a statement that the talks were "not negotiations, but dialogue" and that no agreements had been reached.

Settlers began building outposts in the early 1990s, when Israel declared an official settlement freeze as part of the Oslo peace process. There are more than 100 outposts in the West Bank, ranging from small trailers placed on lone hilltops to full-fledged communities with water, electricity, roads and dozens of residents.

Palestinians and the international community view the outposts as the seeds of future settlements. The Palestinians claim all the West Bank as part of a future state and say the settlements are hindering them from realizing their drive for independence. More than 250,000 Israelis live in West Bank settlements.

Under the road map peace plan, Israel pledged to dismantle dozens of outposts. But neither Israel nor the Palestinians have met their obligations, and the 2003 peace plan remains frozen.

In Israel's few attempts to dismantle outposts, troops have violently clashed with Jewish settlers. In February, troops dismantled nine uninhabited homes in a section of the Amona outpost that courts ruled was on private Palestinian land. About 200 people were injured in fighting between the settlers and troops.

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