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Blair faces grilling on Iraq policy
Cat : War Against Iraq
Date : 2006-10-18 22:02:02                      Reader : 326
So how Blair will act ? and with whom he will stand ?! Hypocrisy oblige !!


REFDESK 18/10/2006

Blair faces grilling on Iraq policy


Tony Blair is expected to present a vigorous defence of his policy in Iraq after recent controversy over Britain's presence in the country.

The Prime Minister holds his monthly press conference when he is sure to face questions over the head of the British Army's call for troops to be withdrawn "some time soon".

Mr Blair will also be grilled over his controversial control orders regime after it emerged last night that two international terror suspects are on the run. The pair are supposed to be under curfews imposed by control orders, which the Government introduced last year to replace indefinite detention without charge or trial.

The premier is also likely to be questioned about his departure from Downing Street within the year as attention turns to whether he will endorse Gordon Brown to succeed him.

Mr Blair last week declined two opportunities to back the Chancellor during exchanges with Tory leader David Cameron at Prime Minister's Questions.

In an attempt to shift attention on to his priorities for his final months in office, Mr Blair is expected to kick off the press conference with comments about NHS delivery plans.

But they are likely to be overshadowed by concerns about terror suspects and General Sir Richard Dannatt's comments about Iraq last week.

The Chief of the General Staff said the presence of British troops in the country was "exacerbating" security problems in the country. He also said that hopes of creating a liberal democracy were "naive".

Mr Blair has already maintained that he agrees with the comments but they have been seen as an unprecedented attack on Government policy.

His spokesman said that the Prime Minister had never been afraid before of defending Britain's role in Iraq and that he was likely to do so again today "with the usual vigour".

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