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US mid-terms: Firing the starter pistol
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Date : 2006-10-16 22:51:50                      Reader : 351

reopened the file with infiltrated video cassettes claimed to be of Osama!! Then the file was closed. Now Bush opens again Osama file with new video cassettes, and even a new security committee to follow Osama, after being dissolved . Republicans are frightening the Americans either Republicans or Osama?! Osama denied even involvement in 9/11!! How can a man in Afghan mountains can afford to carry a huge sophisticated operation of 9/11? With what means?! Even the claimed 19 suspects, seven are alive in Saudi Arabia, Atta the mastermind of operation who took the plane against WTC, is still alive!! His father confirms talking to his son next day of 9/11. Planes passengers and corpses of deaths, even listing of planes, show no Arabs at all in planes!! Osama said there is a government inside US government is behind 9/11 that want this century of wars between Muslims and Christians.David Duke confirms that not even a single Jew died in WTC, although Bush claimed 10% of deaths were Jews!! Hieykel denied capability of Osama to carry such operation.....

BBC News 16/10/2006

US mid-terms: Firing the starter pistol
The BBC's Richard Allen Greene in Washington begins a weekly diary charting the progress of the US mid-term elections.

It is two months until the mid-term elections that will decide who controls the US Congress for the final two years of George Bush's presidency, and the president has hit the campaign trail running.

Mr Bush seems determined to keep the focus on security
Although he himself is not on any ballot this year, the president practically leapt out of the starting gate last week - several days before the Labor Day holiday at the beginning of September which traditionally marks the beginning of campaign season.

This is no surprise. By common consent, his Republican party is well behind in this race.

The key question is how far behind. The Republicans control both chambers of Congress - the House of Representatives and the Senate - by what was thought just a few months ago to be a healthy margin.

But poll after poll shows Americans are unhappy.

Ask the question any way you like - whether the country is on the right track or wrong track, whether Mr Bush is doing a good job or a bad one, whether Congress has accomplished anything this term - and the answer comes back the same: Kick them out.

Because most of the incumbents are Republicans - they are the majority, after all - the angry mood seems likely to hurt the president's party most.

Same game plan

And so President Bush is falling back on the strategy that has worked for him in both elections since 11 September 2001.

Osama Bin Laden is still at large despite Mr Bush's pledge

He has given four speeches in the last eight days, hammering home the idea that America faces a deadly terrorist enemy and that only he and his party can protect the nation.

He has compared Osama Bin Laden to Hitler and Lenin, and boasted that secret CIA interrogations of suspected terrorists have helped prevent new attacks.

The game plan bears the unmistakeable fingerprints of Mr Bush's chief campaign strategist, Karl Rove - take your weaknesses and turn them into strengths.

So Mr Bush has failed to make good on his five-year-old promise to capture Bin Laden "dead or alive"? Then use his continued liberty as a reminder of who America is up against.

So the courts have rejected military tribunals and warrantless wiretaps as exceeding his authority? Then explain the need for them and challenge Congress to make them legal.

'Mortgage moms'

At the very least, it seizes the Congressional agenda for the very few weeks the legislature plans to be in session between now and the elections - and forces it to focus on an area where the president's party traditionally has an advantage.

But while Mr Bush plays on that issue, the Washington Post has made an early bid to coin the critical catch phrase of the 2006 mid-terms: mortgage moms.

The paper found that, despite a reasonably strong American economy, many people were feeling the pinch of rising petrol prices and payments to the bank on their homes.

If the Post is right, then Mr Bush and his party may find that for all their focus on security, once voters start to feel poorer, Bill Clinton's old dictum remains valid: It's the economy, stupid.

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