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Soldier and eight civilians killed in Afghanistan suicide bomb
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Date : 2006-10-15 23:13:42                      Reader : 314

presence in Afghanistan. We appeal UN to intervene with peace forces not colonization forces of NATO under American president M.Karazi.

Google News 15/10/2006

Soldier and eight civilians killed in Afghanistan suicide bomb
By Devika Bhat and agencies

Eight civilians and a foreign solider have been killed in Afghanistan after a suicide car bomb hit a Nato convoy in the southern city of Kandahar.

The assault - the latest in a campaign of attacks by the Taleban – also wounded several civilians and injured a second Nato soldier. Both soldiers were taken to a military medical base for treatment, where one of them died, Nato officials said. Their nationalities have not yet been released but authorities said that the convoy that had been targeted was a US one.

The attack took place on the Kabul highway, just outside the city, as the convoy travelled to a nearby area where soldiers from the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) killed 20 Taleban insurgents a day earlier in a battle involving artillery and war planes.

Witnesses said the car used for the attack was totally destroyed and lay in pieces at the site. Blood was spattered on the road and pavements, while three nearby shops were set on fire and ten others damaged.

"This indiscriminate attack further demonstrates the insurgents’ total disregard for the safety of the local population of Kandahar city," a statement from ISAF said.

Masood Khan, a doctor at a local hospital where the injured were being treated, said the eight wounded included a woman and two children.
Around 115 foreign troops have now died in hostile action in Afghanistan this year, around half of them Americans. Military officials have said that a recent surge in such guerrilla-style attacks could be linked to the militants’ losses on the battlefield.

Kandahar province - the birthplace and former stronghold of the Taleban - has seen a fourfold increase in suicide bombings this year compared to the previous one.

The insurgency in Afghanistan has gone through its worst phase this year with an estimated 2,500 people killed, most of them rebels. The toll is around double that of last year.

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