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Ten-strong Iraqi family murdered as violence rages
Cat : Victims Of Nazi Bush
Date : 2006-10-14 23:19:28                      Reader : 367

March, 2003!! Palestine since decades live in terror and massive killing of civilians by Nazi Israel. No body even bothers, no body calls for UN intervention. That is because axe of evil US/ Israel is above law. Such world policy of double standards will never attain peace . World peace on the contrary is becoming more and more under threat.

Associated France Press 14/10/2006

Ten-strong Iraqi family murdered as violence rages

BAGHDAD (AFP) - Gunmen have murdered a family of 10, including five women and three children, just outside Baghdad, an Iraqi army official said, as violence rages around the country.

Late on Friday night, gunmen attacked a farm house in Saifiyah, a restive rural area south of the capital and killed the entire family.

The area has long been a scene of internecine communal violence and many of the town's men had already fled for fear of their lives.

Iraqi police found the corpses of 14 murder victims scattered around the city of Baghdad between dawn on Friday and Saturday, many of them riddled with bullets and showing signs of torture.

Just downstream from the capital, in the village of Suweira, another four bodies were fished out of the Tigris, all lacking their heads.

While bombs explode during the day in the beleaguered capital, shadowy death squads prowl the city at night, killing Iraqis from rival religious communities and leaving their tortured bodies to be found in the morning.

The grim daily toll of corpses increased during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, in what a US military spokesman described as a "tremendous spike" in violence.

Most of the killings have been laid at the feet of Shiite death squads, many with links to radical cleric Moqtada al-Sadr's mahdi Army militia. On Friday the preacher denounced groups carrying out such killings in his name.

In other Baghdad violence, two members of the National Police were wounded when a roadside bomb exploded near their patrol on Saturday.

In the southern Baghdad neighborhood of Abu Chir, a constant scene of violence, five members of a family were wounded when a mortar round crashed down on their house.

Alongside the sectarian killings, mortar duels between rival neighborhoods have taken their own toll on Baghdad residents.

In Diyala province, northeast of the capital, the Iraqi army reported that six gunmen and a female bystander were killed in a clash with US and Iraqi forces southwest of the provincial capital of Baquba.

Two civilians were also killed by gunmen in Baquba itself and a shopkeeper was shot dead in the central city of Samarra.

Gunmen killed a teacher in the southern city of Diwaniyah in a drive-by shooting, said police, adding that they did not know why.

Revenge was apparently the motive when a Baathist official with the former regime was dragged from his house on Saturday morning by gunmen in the southern city of Amara. His body was later found near the bus station, said police.

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