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At Least 5 Killed In France Train Crash
Cat : Condolences Of Today
Date : 2006-10-12 18:03:57                      Reader : 297
victims died in plane crash in Manhaten in U.S. We kept our hands on our hearts praying God that such accident is not a terrorist crime. Otherwise Islam will lose more its credibility in U.S. even if one Muslim is behind it, as all Muslims will be accused !!


Condolences Of Today

REUTERS 12/10/2006

At Least 5 Killed In France Train Crash


French officials now say at least 5 people are dead, with others trapped in the wreckage of a pair of trains that collided head-on. They crashed near the border with Luxembourg, which the passenger train had just left.
With one track under repair, authorities say the train was switched to another track, where it
hit a freight train going the other way.

The crash had such an impact that one car on the passenger train was lifted atop another, crushing it. On the freight train, several
cars were crumpled or tipped sideways.

Investigators are trying to figure out how the trains were allowed on the same track. Railroad officials say it appears the freight train had a green light, and there are no signs of speeding.


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