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Cat : Axe of Evil
Date : 2006-10-06 18:52:28                      Reader : 313
with new people ?! Today 78% of Palestine is occupied, 50% of the rest are colonies.
Even Iran is a victim as it demands legal rights for civil energy , meanwhile Israel has WMD arsenal !!

Associated France Press (AP) 6/10/2006



Israeli vice Preimer Shimon Perses said Wednesday that is was a mistake for western countries to keep talking with Iraq after Tehran failed to meet a deadline to agree to stop enriching uranium .
Iran let an Aug.31 deadline pass to agree to an offer economic incentives in return for dropping its enrichment program, at the heat to the dispute over Iran's nuclear program.
European Union foreign policy chief Javier Solana has continued talks with chief Iranian negotiator Ali Larijani.
Asked what he expected from those talks, Peres said, " If you don't want to govern the world by guns, then you have to govern the world by wills which means if you say something you must respect it".
" The fact is that the United Nations, all countries , gave a date to the Iranians to answer, " he said. " Now the Iranians didn't respect it and the negotiations are being continued . And I think this is a devaluation of the value of the wills, which is in my judgment mistaken . Don't say it's Ok. You must stick to what you have said . " SU officials have said they are willing to give Solana up to several more weeks to see if he can reach a deal with Larijani before pressing for sanctions in the UN Security Council .
Solana said Tuesday that the most recent round of telephone consultations were constructive but produced no breakthrough , and ther was no date set for another face – to – face meeting.
The US , Britain, France, China and Russia – the five veto-wielding Security Council members- have joined with Germany in making the offer of incentives in return for halting enrichment.
The US says the enrichment program is part of an effort to make nuclear weapons. Iran says nuclear weapons. Iran says its nuclear program is aimed only at peaceful used such as generating electricity .
The United States went with Europe for the diplomatic and economic option and they try to build a collation , Peres said . " Well, a coalition must produce an agreement , otherwise it cannot hold . An agreement must have a time and a date, it cannot be weak, it must be a choice.

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