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Czech Republic to extend Iraq mission into 2007
Cat : War Against Iraq
Date : 2006-10-06 18:28:59                      Reader : 294
So what exactly Czech forces will do ? Is it simply to enjoy seeing Iraqis killed or to help Americans in building their military bases ?!


Associated France Press (AP) 6/10/2006

Czech Republic to extend Iraq mission into 2007

The Czech government proposed Wednesday extending the country's 100- strong training mission in Iraq by one more year into 2007, Foreign minister Alexander Vondra said. The Czech contingent is training Iraqi police forces near Basra and the mission should continue throughout 2007, e told a news conference . Vodra also said the government proposed increasing its contribution to the NATO –led ISAF force in Afghanistan by about 90 personnel . Raising the total to 190 in 2007. Czech soldiers are expected to control air traffic at the Kabul international airport and protect reconstruction teams in the provinces.
Vondra also proposed sending up to 10 explosives experts to Lebanon as part of the expanded . U.N. force there . The Czech Republic also ahs about 730 troops in the various peacekeeping forces in the Balkans. Vondra said that contribution should also be maintained in 2007. All government proposals related to military missions abroad require parliamentary approval.

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