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Brazilian airliner with 155 aboard missing after mid-air collision
Cat : Condolences Of Today
Date : 2006-09-30 17:31:50                      Reader : 344
It is surely a mistake of air control tower that was guiding both planes. We also feel happy that it is not a terrorist case, but a natural one.

Condolences Of Today

Google News 30/9/2006

Brazilian airliner with 155 aboard missing after mid-air collision


A Brazilian airliner with 155 aboard went missing Friday night in Amazon after a mid-air collision with a small aircraft, the airline company and aviation authorities said.

The Boeing-737 plane with Brazilian airline Gol disappeared from the radar screen after colliding with an executive jet in the Amazon region, Globo news agency reported.

The small plane managed to land with damaged wing, the report said.

The Gol flight 1907 left the northern Manaus city in the afternoon but did not arrive in Brasilia as scheduled, Globo reported.

Search and rescue aircraft and personnel have been sent out to locate the airliner's whereabouts.

Search intensifies

Five planes are searching for a Gol airlines jet with 150 people aboard after it struck another aircraft Friday and plunged into dense jungle near the city of Manaus, according to Brazilian aviation authorities. The accident occurred in the same region where a Varig 737-200 crashed in 1989 with 54 people aboard.

Wladimir Caze, spokesman for the Brazilian aviation authority, said Gol flight 1907 left the jungle city of Manaus and disappeared after a collision with a Brazilian-made Legacy executive jet. The Legacy was able to land at the Cachimbo base in southern Para despite suffering damage.

According to the Globo news agency, about 70 family members and friends of the victims had been moved to a warehouse owned by Gol at the Brasilia airport to await news.

It was the first major incident for Gol Linhas Aereas Intelligentes SA, a Brazilian airline that began operations in 2001 with just six Boeing 737s in 2001, serving seven Brazilian cities.

Since 2001 Gol has grown quickly by using the same model of plane to keep costs down and giving passengers cold box lunches and soft drinks instead of alcohol. The company is now Brazil's second largest airline after Tam Linhas Aereas SA, with more than 500 daily flights within Brazil and to Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay.

It rapidly gained market share by offering low-cost tickets and modeling its service after low-cost carriers in the United States and Europe. Gol, started by the heirs of a successful bus company, also benefited from the demise of Brazil's flagship airline Varig, which virtually disintegrated earlier this year under a mountain of debt.


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