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Musharraf says he wept after East Pakistan's fall
Cat : Palestine
Date : 2006-09-28 12:08:25                      Reader : 391

So it is far better to cut with Israel till Palestine State is established . We thank deeply president Musharraf as he swims against the current.

FOXNEWS.COM 28/9/2006

Musharraf says he wept after East Pakistan's fall


Blaming the Zulfikar Ali Bhutto regime for 1971 dismemberment of Pakistan, President Pervez Musharraf says he along with his fellow soldiers wept when East Pakistan was separated to become Bangladesh and the capture of 90,000 Pakistani troops by Indian army.

"I broke down and cried. All my brave soldiers cried with me. It remains most sad and most painful day of my life. My anger..At the General who had taken charge of government and at some of the politicians of the time, still makes me see red," he wrote in his book 'In the Line of Fire'.

"It was nexus between Bhutto and small coterie of rulers that destroyed Pakistan. The myopic rigid attitude of (Bangladeshi leader) Sheikh Mujibur Rehman did not help matters and he played into Bhutto's (Gen) Yahya (Khan's) hand by remaining rooted in East Pakistan", he said.

Musharraf said he along with a company of Special Security Group (SSG) commandoes were tasked to go East Pakistan before it fell.

"My troops were brimming with confidence and we were all set to go when the ceasefire was announced and East Pakistan was forcibly torn away from us to form the separate state of Bangladesh. It was terrible day.

"When I was telling my troops about the ceasefire the surrender of our 90,000 personnel, (military and civilian) came about," the Pakistani leader said.

"What happened in East Pakistan is the saddest episode in Pakistan"s history", Musharraf said observing that it was due to "inept handling" since independence.

"Blame ultimately fell on the army. As events developed Army was confronted with an impossible situation--mass popular uprising within and an invasion from without by India supposedly non-aligned but now being overtly helped by Soviet Union under a treaty of peace and friendship. It was actually an alliance of war", he said.

Blaming the U S of failing to help Pakistan, he said "on the other hand our long time ally, USA, apart from making sympathetic noises and winging its hands was nowhere to be seen".

"No army in the world can sustain such a multidimensional threat. Nonetheless, the operational handling of the troops by the army's senior leadership was simply incompetent. It brought avoidable disgrace to the army. Pakistan was cut into half".

Musharraf accused India and Bhutto for the separation of Pakistan. "With the army completely bogged down in quelling the insurgency in (East Pakistan), India stabbed Pakistan in the back by blatantly attacking it across its border on several fronts in East Pakistan on Nov 21, 1971", he said.


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