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Jesus and Mohammed go into a tea shop
Cat : Religion
Date : 2006-09-24 13:57:42                      Reader : 273
Omid is ignorant of Sharia trying to express her own ideas in the name of Islamic principles . Omid defends polygamy in Islam so that a Muslim can marry five wives, not four !! One from her head as a grant for men as they are fond of 10 breasts as she said!! What a stupid irrespective logic !!
Today she defends the Pope forgetting that he is for Christians not for us. If he is a man of God, we have our own who know Islam better than him.
Already our scholars denounced violence vigorously !! No body approved attacking Churches or killing a sister !! Omid and UPI together with the Pope must know that Mohammed said anybody who attacks Jesus peace be upon him or Marry his mother, he is not a Muslim at all !!
We ask the UPI, Omid, and the Pope . Isn't it normal to attack Mohammed in the western culture ?! We demand the Pope to tell Jews in Palestine to stop violence against civilians  . We wish the Pope to tell Nazi Bush to stop atrocities in Iraq and leave Iraq immediately . We wish the Pope to tell Jews in Palestine to stop their Nazi acts in Lebanon against civilians !! As to Muslim people of more than a billion denounce vigorously violence and killing civilians .
Above all terrorism is disapproved. Where most victims are Muslims , and Islam loses daily due to irresponsible terrorist acts by individuals .

Jesus and Mohammed go into a tea shop

Commentary: The Voice of True Islam
By Ghazal Omid

WASHINGTON, September 22 (UPI) — The Pope, an international figure but most of all a man of God, recently made comments about violence in Islam that he says was from a 14th century text. According to his office, his intended message was that Christians also had violence in their past but had reformed, and he called on Muslims to do the same.

If this is what he meant, why should he be criticized? As we say in Islam, "Never judge a man before hearing his explanation." I would rather accept the Pope's explanation over what others think he did or did not say or intend and trust him over hearsay and misinterpretation. Only God and the Pope know what was passing through his heart and mind when he made his speech. So, I trust him as a man of God.

Some Muslims, though thankfully not all, found his remarks offensive. I don't agree with those who say, the Pope should not have advised or commented on another religion or the practices of its extremists. Yes, of course he is not Muslim but he is a man of God and any man of God from any religion who sees sin and violence in his own, or other faiths, should not be quiet. God's is peering over his shoulder and ultimate judgment is His.

What is the difference between passive men of God who close their eyes and remain silent and those who speak up? In my opinion, true men of God who see an opportunity and obligation to speak out, but don't, are not fulfilling their duty. After all, when God gives one a responsibility to serve and help humanity, He doesn't say, "You are my servant but only to the Christians or the Jews or the Muslims." He will not ask us our faith when we stand before him. So why do some radical Muslims find his honest, constructive criticism negative and blasphemous?

If I, as a Muslim woman, see something barbaric, I have a choice to either speak up or shut up and ignore the responsibility God has given me as a human. I am not going to just close my eyes and ignore the needy and pretend their pain is not mine. What kind of human, much less a Muslim, would I be if I did not care about others?

When a man or a woman of God observes something evil, they see it as their duty to condemn it. I think others should take a listen. After all, we should see religion as a great link to humanity because all the teachings of God through His men are based upon humanity.

When men of God — Mohammed, Jesus and Moses — taught us to love one another, they didn't teach us to love only those of believers of our own faith. So, why do we pervert their teachings by hating without reason?

If the Pope has an opportunity to tell the world that radical Muslims should stop the senseless violence and work instead toward loving one God, I, as a Muslim, have no problem with that because, truly, that is the message preached by Prophet Mohammed himself.

When we look at Mohammed's true message and Jesus' message, the two are pretty similar. They both teach that we should love followers of other faiths as well as those of our own. They want us to see others as our equal and feel their pain as we do ours.

So, why do some think he was trying to offend us? Why is that some want to translate and pervert the messages of men of God?

I believe God knows how to speak through his men and women and I believe God is the only one who can judge the Pope. Where is the justification for killing innocents in the name of God? There is none.

As a Muslim woman, I condemn any killing Especially heinous was the murder of the Catholic nun and her bodyguard. Nothing in the Qur'an calls for retaliatory murder and the burning of churches in the name of Islam. These ignorant atrocities must be stopped because under our God — Jesus and Mohammed are brothers and do not condone this violence.

UPI 24/9/2006

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