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32 killed in Baghdad blast
Cat : Victims Of Nazi Bush
Date : 2006-09-24 12:46:00                      Reader : 386
Iraq today lives in bloodshed with 100 deaths per day in a civil war planned by US/ Israel axe of evil executed by CIA+ Mossuad + US troops .
We hope urgent action by UN to expel colonization forces , and take charge instead with UN peace forces to settle Iraq crises.

Victimes Of Nazi Bush

UPI 24/9/2006

32 killed in Baghdad blast

Woman may have set Baghdad bomb
BAGHDAD, Sept. 23 (UPI) -- The holy month of Ramadan opened Saturday in Iraq with a bomb that killed at least 37 people, mostly women lined up for kerosene in Sadr City.

Investigators say the bomb, which set off a massive blast when a tanker truck exploded, may have been placed by a woman, The New York Times reported. Men, who were scheduled to pick up kerosene Sunday, would have been searched.

More than half of those killed or injured were women and girls.

A Sunni group issued a statement claiming responsibility for the bombing and saying it was a response to killings by the Mahdi Army, a Shiite group loyal to Moqtada al-Sadr, The Observer reported.

Bassim Mohammed, an eyewitness to the bombing, told the Times that concrete security barriers may have increased the number of casualties by preventing victims from escaping.

Iraqi defense officials said Saturday the leader of one of the most militant Sunni groups, Ansar al-Sunna, had been arrested about 50 miles north of Baghdad.

U.S. military officials did not immediately confirm the arrest of Sheikh Muntasser Hmoud E'laiwi El-Jbouri, whose group has been tied to al-Qaida.

The group, whose name means Protectors of Faith, fought the U.S.-led occupation and continues to fight the new ruling government.

At least two coalition soldiers were killed by roadside bombs Saturday, military officials said. A U.S. soldier died in northern Baghdad and a Danish soldier was killed in Basra.

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