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JFK sister Patricia Lawford dies
Cat : Israel and Zionism
Date : 2006-09-18 11:42:53                      Reader : 403
Those who live, are only those who have never even think to go in any elections !!
JFK refused to receive Begin when he visited US under Truman Presidency . JFK said in an official letter that he came to know that Begin is a war criminal . When JFK was a candidate for presidency elections, Jews came to see him to express their full support for him and will help on condition that they out plan US policy in Middle East , JFK refused.
When JFK became president he said his priority will be US not Israel . JFK rejected firmly for Israel to have WMD. He said it is enough that US has. If Israel is allowed then WMD will spread in the region. JFK sent a team to check Dimona reactor, and Israel opposed and killed JFK as Vanunu revealed.
JFK accorded only 40 M U$D as annual aid for Israel . But his successor Lyndon Johnson accorded 300 MU$D to being with, and allowed WMD for Israel . That is immediately after JFK assassination.


CNN.COM 18/9/2006

JFK sister Patricia Lawford dies


BOSTON, Massachusetts (AP) -- Patricia Kennedy Lawford, the sister of President John F. Kennedy and wife of actor Peter Lawford, died at her New York home of complications of pneumonia on Sunday, according to a spokeswoman for Sen. Edward M. Kennedy. She was 82.

"My sister Pat is irreplaceable," Massachusetts Democratic Sen. Kennedy said in a statement. "Everyone who knew Pat adored her. She was admired for her great style, for her love and support of the arts, her wit and generosity -- and for the singular sense of wonder and joy she brought into our lives."

Patricia Kennedy was the sixth child and fourth daughter of Rose and Joseph Kennedy's nine children.

"Pat was our beloved mother, grandmother, sister, aunt and friend," the family's statement said. "She reminded us always of the true meaning of family, and her most precious gift to each of us was her unconditional love and support."

While always a tireless supporter of her brother's political campaigns, inspired by her father's career in the movie industry, she set her sights on Hollywood at a young age soon after her graduation from Rosemont College.

She began working as an assistant in NBC's New York production department and then moved to Los Angeles with the goal of becoming a producer and director. She worked as an assistant for Kate Smith's radio program, and for Father Peyton's Family Theater and Family Rosary Crusade, according to the Web site for the John F. Kennedy Library and Museum.

She met British actor Peter Lawford through her brother, the future president, in 1949. They were married in 1954 and had four children before divorcing in 1965.

Lawford traveled the country in support of her brother's presidential campaign in 1960 and was also involved in the political campaigns of Robert Kennedy and Edward Kennedy.

She moved to New York City in 1965 where she became a supporter of the city's arts scene. She founded the National Committee for the Literary Arts and also worked with the National Center on Addiction and with the Kennedy Library.

"Throughout her life, Pat was constantly inspiring and helping others," the family statement said. "Whether it was campaigning for her brothers, or championing literacy and the arts, her purest gift was her beautiful heart."

Lawford is survived by children Christopher, Sydney, Victoria and Robin and 10 grandchildren. Memorial and funeral arrangements are pending.


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