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from The Free Dictionary Anna Lindh, Swedish Politician, Stabbed (2003 )
Cat : International Conferences
Date : 2006-09-11 17:05:14                      Reader : 295

Fifth International Conference on New and Restored Democracies

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia September 10-12, 2003

Mr. Chairman,

Distinguished guests, and delegates, Ladies and Gentlemen.

In the beginning we want to express our deep condolences for Sweden. Assassination of her Excellency the Prime Minister, is a clear evidence that terrorism has no race or faith. We deny vigorously such terrorist barbaric act that needs world unity to work hand in hand against terrorism.

Dear Colleagues,

In the name of Yemen delegation I greet you all. Yemen Republic since 1990, adopted democracy not as a choice but firmly as a destiny. Any alternative will be worse with acknowledgement of all without distinction. Yemen in its unique experience integrated tribal communities into political parties very smoothly. They participate actively in elections. With education and fight of illiteracy, Yemen sure will develop. The third Parliamentary elections took place last April successfully. Women participation was very remarkable. 3.5 Millions Against 5 Millions of men in a population of (20) Million, with more than 70% registered, voted last April.

Dear Colleagues,

Yemen knows well that democracy has no meaning without freedom of expression, ( there are70 magazines and journals and over 20 political parties) human rights, separation of powers, fighting corruption, encouraging NGO'S ( that exceed 2200), elected local governance (two years ago) presidential elections (in 1999), transparency, etc…

All is taken into consideration but still far from what it should be. We are sure, with practice and education of both women and men, Yemen will reach its goals.

Dear Colleagues

Yemen as other developing democracies is seeking sustainable development and eradication of poverty, that can not be achieved, unless world wide cooperation takes place (half the population is under line of poverty i.e. 10 million according to WB report). If you permit me dear colleagues to request in your name an appeal through your conference to U.N. to support developing democracies with the following:

1) Debts of developing democracy countries to be exempted, or at least their interests to be dropped. (Yemen have 7 Billion Dollars as Debt)

2) Poverty have reached more than billion people in the globe with income about (1-2) dollars / day that threatens not only democracy but also flourishes terrorism!! On the other hand few people around (300) persons have the means of half the globe all together. We think rich countries should take serious measures with responsibility along with harmony of International Institutions within the frame work of globalism.

3) The support of World Bank and IMF to grant soft and unconditional loans for real development, away from corruption is a must.

As to terrorism , we are afraid that liberation movements in the world, and struggle of nations against occupation will be stamped with terrorism. That is why U.N. must have a leading role, and under its umbrella, we should all join together fighting terrorism.

We look forward, dear colleagues, for your conference approval to request U.N. to define terrorism which has no race nor faith , that threatens world peace and stability . We need very urgently a unified vision towards terrorism far away from Resistance against occupation as approved by U.N. charter.

With best wishes to the Fifth International Conference of New and Restored Democracies, and deep thanks to Mongolia, President, Government, and people for their hospitalities, kind reception and guidance of the Conference.

Thank You

Yemen Delegation


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