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China willing to help revive WTO talks
Cat : Sustainable development
Date : 2006-08-29 11:07:57                      Reader : 357
Without including developing countries and their needs, there is no way out for WTO in the near future. Bilateral cooperation is the best till now.


Sustainable development

Associated France Press (AFP) 29/8/2006

China willing to help revive WTO talks, urges developed nations to 'contribute'


BEIJING (AFP) - China is willing to help push for a resumption of stalled global trade talks but also wants the developed nations to make "substantial" contributions to that end, the government said.

The remarks, attributed to Commerce Minister Bo Xilai and posted on the ministry's website, were published a day after the United States called on China to assume a more active role in reviving the Doha Round trade talks.

"China is willing to continue to participate in the talks in a constructive manner along with other nations and to actively push for the resumption of the Doha negotiation process," Bo said.

"We hope the developed WTO member countries will make substantial contributions in order to resume the talks as soon as possible and reach the objectives of the negotiations in a timely manner," he said.

Bo made the remarks Monday during a meeting in Beijing with Susan Schwab, the visiting US trade representative.

The Doha Round talks under the World Trade Organization (WTO) were suspended last month amid a bitter dispute between Europe and the United States over farm tariffs and subsidies.

"The Doha Round is a development round and the emphasis in the talks should be placed on development issues in order to break the stalemate and promote a fair, stable and open multilateral trading system," Bo said.

Schwab, on her first visit to China, spent a large part of Monday's more than three-hour-long meeting with Bo emphasizing China's responsibility in bringing the Doha Round back to life, her spokesman said earlier.

"Schwab stressed that China can have and should have a role in getting these talks back on track," Schwab spokesman Sean Spicer told AFP. "They acknowledged they could be more active and play a larger role."

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