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SKorea warns North of 'grave consequences' for nuclear test
Cat : Axe of Evil
Date : 2006-08-25 12:45:25                      Reader : 283
UN must take measures for open peaceful dialogue to dismantle WMD of the world .


Associated France Press (AFP) 25/8/2006

SKorea warns North of 'grave consequences' for nuclear test


SEOUL (AFP) - South Korean Foreign Minister Ban Ki-Moon has warned Pyongyang of "grave consequences" and a severe international response if it carries out a nuclear test.

Seoul would take unspecified counter-measures if communist North Korea, widely condemned for test-firing missiles last month, sets off a nuclear device, he said.

"The government is reviewing and will review measures befitting such an incident," Ban told reporters.

"If North Korea carries out nuclear testing, it would bring about much more grave consequences than its missile launch in July.

"It would create a very serious situation, shaking the global non-proliferation regime to its foundation."

South Korea has stepped up monitoring of North Korea's nuclear activities amid news reports that the communist state may be preparing for an underground nuclear bomb test.

The United States and South Korea -- both parties to stalled six-way nuclear disarmament talks with North Korea, along with China, Japan and Russia -- have both issued previous warnings to Pyongyang against any nuclear tests.

The North, which says it has developed nuclear weapons, test-fired seven missiles on July 5, drawing the ire of the international community and criticism from the UN Security Council.

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