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Don't rearm Hezbollah, U.S., Israel say
Cat : Axe of Evil
Date : 2006-08-20 19:17:19                      Reader : 319
Hisbollah gives the example today of resistance against occupation. Although Bush claims defeat of Hesbollah, the whole world including Israel know that Israel was bitterly fedeated with US, the axe of evil. Popular resistance of Lebanon must be encouraged and all countries need to ceate their own guerillas.
Los Angeles Times  20/8/2006
Don't rearm Hezbollah, U.S., Israel say
Diplomats urge nations to prevent flow of weapons into Lebanon
WASHINGTON — The United States and Israel have launched a diplomatic effort to prevent other countries from helping rearm Hezbollah, warning that a resumption of the weapons flow could ignite new fighting in Lebanon just as the cease-fire begins to take hold.
Officials have been pressing major world arms suppliers — notably Russia and China — not to allow their weaponry to find its way to the Lebanese militant group. They also have been urging Turkish officials to prevent any flow of weapons across their land or airspace.
Israeli officials, jolted by the sophistication of Hezbollah's missiles during the 34-day war, fear that the rearmament of Hezbollah could put them face to face in the future with weapons with an even greater capability to reach into Israel and to overcome its defenses. Israeli officials have made clear that they would try to destroy any shipment they detect.
"We're very concerned about this issue," one Israeli official said in an interview. "It's the most urgent one on the table right now."
As Israel sought to stem the flow of more advanced munitions to militant fighters, officials in Israel disclosed Friday that a senior delegation visited Moscow this week to complain that Russia had sold sophisticated laser-guided Kornet anti-tank weapons to Iran and Syria, which in turn passed them along to Hezbollah.
Russia disputed the charge, saying it kept tight controls on such sales. Turkish and Chinese diplomats could not be reached.
U.S. officials acknowledged that they have talked to Turkey about cutting off the shipment of arms by Iran across its territory, a route that was used during this summer's fighting, when Israel's forces cut off the usual overland and sea routes from Syria into Lebanon.
Acting on suspected weapons transfers, Turkey forced two Syria-bound Iranian planes to land at the Diyarbakir airport in the southeast of the country to search for rockets and other military equipment. The incidents took place July 27 and Aug. 8, the Turkish Daily Hurriyet reported, but no military equipment was found.
A senior U.S. official, who like others insisted on anonymity because of the sensitivity of the diplomacy, said the Bush administration has "talked to any number of countries about this. ... We've made the case that we want them to be alert to this, and if they find people thinking about transferring materials that may not be going to the Lebanese army, they put a stop to it." He said the United States offered its help in trying to halt the flow.

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