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Tsunami hits Java
Cat : Condolences Of Today
Date : 2006-07-19 09:02:59                      Reader : 281

GOOGLE NEWS 19/7/2006

Tsunami hits Java


At least 262 killed at idyllic beach resorts


PANGANDARAN, Indonesia -- A tsunami crashed into beach resorts and fishing villages on Java island yesterday, killing at least 262 people and leaving more than 160 missing after bulletins failed to reach the region because no warning system was in place.

The coastal area was spared by the devastating tsunami of 2004, but many residents recognized the danger when they saw the sea recede.

It is not known if Canadians were among the dead.

Frantic tourists and villagers shouted "Tsunami! Tsunami!" as the huge wave approached, some climbing trees. Others crowded into inland mosques.

"We saw a big wall of black water. I ran with my son in my arms when I looked back, the waves were at our house, they destroyed our house," said Ita Anita. "The water knocked me down, my son slipped out of my hands and was taken by the water."

She said was swept inland by a series of large waves as tall as coconut trees.

Regional agencies had warned that a 7.7-magnitude earthquake that struck 240 km off Indonesia’s southern coast was strong enough to create a tsunami on Java. But there was no warning system on the southern coast.

At least 120 people were killed in the Panganderan area, while 41 died in nearby Cilacap and 13 others elsewhere along the coast.

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