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35 suspected Taliban killed in southern Afghanistan
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Date : 2006-07-07 10:10:56                      Reader : 249
Google News Fri-7/7/2006
35 suspected Taliban killed in southern Afghanistan
Kabul - US-led coalition forces claimed on Wednesday that their troops killed some 35 suspected Taliban fighters in southern Helmand province on Tuesday night.
The report of Taliban casualties came amidst a series of bomb blasts in the capital Kabul that killed one and injured 44 others on Wednesday.
US forces said in a statement on Wednesday that their forces attacked a known Taliban compound 25 kilometres east of Musa Qaleh, in volatile Helmand Province on Tuesday night, 'killing an estimated 35 extremists while they met at a Taliban compound in the village of Ghach Zar.'
There were no injuries to coalition forces or non-combatants during the strike, the statement said.
'Several of the extremists killed were area Taliban leaders who planned and conducted multiple attacks against local Afghans, government officials and coalition forces,' the military statement added.
Taliban-led insurgency has rigorously escalated in southern provinces of the country since the beginning of spring this year, leaving over 1,100 people dead, mostly insurgents.
Meanwhile three strong explosions rocked the capital Kabul on Wednesday, two of them targeting buses carrying government workers, killing at least one person and injured 44 others.
'Today our Mujahiddin (Holy Warriors) carried out three attacks in the north, east, and centre of Kabul city against security forces that left around 10 security officers killed and several others injured,' Dr. Mahommad Hanif, purported spokesman for the Taliban fighters, told Deutsche Presse-Agentur dpa from an undisclosed location.
Afghan President Hamid Karzai, who is currently attending the second conference on the 'Consolidation of Peace in Afghanistan' in Tokyo, strongly condemned Wednesday's bombings in Kabul.
'The enemies of Afghanistan once again showed by attacking innocent civilians that they want to bring misery and destruction to Afghanistan, but the people of Afghanistan will never allow this to happen,' Karzai said in a presidential statement released by his office on Wednesday.
'Afghanistan will continue to rebuild its security institutions and these incidents will never hurt the desire of the Afghan people for a better future,' he said.


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