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5 Afghan laborers killed in ambush
Cat : Afghanistan
Date : 2006-07-04 11:52:50                      Reader : 283
and asked for new methods to avoid killing innocent civilians mostly women and children .
The press should accompany military missions to cover such operations to make sure that civilians are not the most victims in war in Afghanistan .

CNN.COM 4/7/2006

5 Afghan laborers killed in ambush


KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) -- Militants ambushed and fatally shot five Afghan laborers and wounded another as they brought construction wood to a U.S. military base in eastern Afghanistan, police said Tuesday.

The attack on the truck carrying the laborers happened Monday in Kunar province, said Abdul Jalal Jalal, the provincial police chief. A seventh man, the driver, managed to escape unhurt.

Jalal suspected that Taliban militants were responsible for the killings in the Karangal area and that the laborers had been targeted because they were working at an American base.

Meanwhile, a roadside bomb went off near a bus bringing Interior Ministry officials to work Tuesday in Kabul, wounding one of them, said ministry spokesman Yousuf Stanezai.

The violence comes amid a wave of attacks by resurgent Taliban that has raised new concerns about the stability of the war-battered country.

Since May, more than 600 Afghans, mostly militants, have been reported killed, according to an Associated Press tally based on U.S.-led coalition and Afghan figures.

Late Monday, a suicide attacker hit a checkpoint in southern Kandahar city, killing himself and a policeman and injuring six others. The blast sent body parts flying all over the pavement, according to an AP reporter on the scene.

The attacker walked up to the checkpoint on foot before blowing himself up, said police commander Agha Lala. Among the injured were three policemen and three bystanders.

The upsurge in rebel violence has prompted a tough response, with more than 10,000 Afghan and coalition troops deployed in a massive military campaign in the volatile south, billed as the largest since the Taliban regime was ousted in 2001.

Also, the U.S. military announced Monday it was giving US$2 billion worth of weapons and vehicles to modernize Afghanistan’s national army to face up to the insurgents.

The equipment will include 2,500 Humvees, tens of thousands of M-16 assault rifles, flak jackets and construction of a national military command center.

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