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Worst over in northeast floods
Cat : Environment
Date : 2006-06-30 11:17:43                      Reader : 282
and disasters world wide including US, but Cheney , Rumsfeld , with all new cons manipulating Bush refuse to sign Kyoto protocol to fight climate change .
Bush challenges UN, but at the sametime challenges Americans life and safety for the sake of few capitalists thinking selfishly of their industry interests !!

REUTERS 30/6/2006

Worst over in northeast floods

By Matthew Verrinder and Steve James
TRENTON, New Jersey (Reuters) - Officials declared the flooding that forced many thousands from their homes in the U.S. northeast past the worst on Thursday and turned to counting the costs of the storm.
Days of torrential rain followed by floods killed at least 16 people in the eastern United States, including those who died in storm-related road accidents.
With buildings submerged, roads washed out and rivers surging, authorities declared emergencies on Wednesday and ordered hundreds of thousands of people evacuated in New Jersey, New York, Maryland and Pennsylvania.
By Thursday afternoon, the threat of further damage appeared to have passed, although officials said it would take time for the water to recede.
"In terms of the flood, the worst of it is over. But we still have a long way to go in terms of cleaning it up and getting people back in their houses. The clean-up is going to be massive," said Trenton Mayor Doug Palmer.
Up to 200,000 evacuees from the historic coal-mining region around Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, were allowed to return to their homes and businesses after levees held back the Susquehanna River, which crested overnight.
"Had the dikes broken, we could have had a New Orleans type situation in Wilkes-Barre," said Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell, praising emergency services for their work which included rescuing 1,200 people by helicopter, raft and other means.
Levees failed in New Orleans last year after Hurricane Katrina, flooding 80 percent of the city.

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