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Full nuclear weapons debate urged
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Date : 2006-06-30 11:13:04                      Reader : 319

It is meaningless for UK to get rid of its WMD , meanwhile others are developing an advanced WMD like US and Israel .
UK for sake of peace and security of the world can open a debate more wider not only for UK but for the whole world and focus on Hiroshima and Nagazaki, where WMD was used by brainless Americans , who today press hard to develop WMD !!


BBCNEWS.COM 30/6/2006

Full nuclear weapons debate urged

There needs to be a "genuine and meaningful" public debate on whether the UK should keep its nuclear weapons, the Commons defence committee has said.
Its MPs said the arsenal "could serve no useful or practical purpose" in defeating international terrorism.
This is "the most pressing threat currently facing the UK", they said.
They added the Ministry of Defence must justify the retention of weapons after hearing no evidence of an impending military threat from other countries.
"If the MoD believes in the value of the nuclear deterrent as an insurance policy, rather than in response to any specific threat, we believe it is important to say clearly that is the reason for needing the deterrent," the committee said.
Unknown threats
The government should also clarify whether it believed the nuclear deterrent was important to Britain’s "international influence and status", the committee said.
"We accept that future threats are unknowable, but, clearly, a world in which nuclear proliferation had taken hold would create deep uncertainties in international relations."
The MPs’ call comes as ministers ponder whether and how to replace the Trident nuclear weapon system.
Chancellor Gordon Brown has signalled his personal support for maintaining Britain as a nuclear power, angering some on the Labour left.
Downing Street has promised a parliamentary White Paper on the issue but has refused to commit to holding a vote in the Commons.
Julian Lewis, Conservative defence spokesman, criticised the MoD’s refusal to co-operate with the committee’s inquiry, saying: "Despite the prime minister’s promise of a full and open debate on the independent nuclear deterrent, it is clear that the opposite is the case."
He said it was "vital" to have "full parliamentary scrutiny" on "a matter of such national importance".
And Liberal Democrat defence spokesman Nick Harvey backed the committee’s call for a public debate.
Decision ’this year’
He said: "We are rushing headlong into a decision which should be considered over a much longer timescale.
"The public debate must now begin in earnest."
Britain has four nuclear-powered submarines, each of which can carry up to 16 Trident II D5 missiles.
Every missile can hold 12 nuclear warheads and one of the submarines is always at sea at any time.
The MoD says this is important so that a potential enemy could not misinterpret the appearance of a British nuclear vessel as a deliberate escalation of force.
The four Trident missile submarines are expected to end their operational life sometime in the mid 2020s.
And the 48 warheads have a similar operational timeframe.
A replacement system would need many years of development and Tony Blair has said a decision regarding the issue will be taken "this year".

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