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Beshir says Sudan can handle Darfur peacekeeping
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Date : 2006-06-28 12:43:42                      Reader : 274
Now Sudan President ensures the whole world that his country could assume peacekeeping operations in war- tom Darfur, so why UN insists to send troops to Darfur ?! When two factions sign for peace , then the third faction must be forced to sign, but US looks for prolongation of civil war in Darfur.


Associated France Press (AFP) 27/6/2006

Beshir says Sudan can handle Darfur peacekeeping


by Mohammed Ali Saeed

KHARTOUM (AFP) - Sudanese President Omar al-Beshir said his country could assume peacekeeping operations in war-torn Darfur, state media reported, in a fresh rebuff of the UN’s deployment plan.

Sudan "is prepared to undertake the peacekeeping process in Darfur if the AU abandons or relinquishes the mandate it was granted by the government," Omdurman Radio quoted Beshir as telling a cabinet meeting on Sunday.

Beshir’s renewed opposition to a proposed UN takeover of peacekeeping responsibilities from the cash-strapped and ill-equipped African Union came amid heightened tensions between Khartoum and the world body.

The foreign ministry had imposed a suspension on all UN operations in Darfur Saturday, after accusing the world body of breaching its mandate by transporting a rebel leader opposed to a recent peace deal.

The freeze was lifted Monday, according to the official SUNA news agency which said that senior UN envoy Taye Brook Zerihoun met undersecretary for foreign affairs Mutrif Siddiq Monday and informed him that UN agencies could "resume its activities as usual".

Siddiq nevertheless communicated his government’s displeasure at the UN "ignoring the official Sudanese authorities, an act that is regarded as over-stepping and violating the conventions and agreements governing the relationship between Sudan and the UN".

The UN never officially acknowledged that Suleiman Jammus, a member of a dissident faction of the rebel Sudan Liberation Movement (SLM), was taken Saturday from the main Darfur town of El-Fasher to South Kordofan state on a UN helicopter flight, the foreign ministry said.

Jammus belongs to the wing of the SLM that opposes the fragile peace agreement signed between Minni Minawi’s SLM faction and Khartoum in Nigeria last month.

On Sunday, up to 5,000 demonstrators -- mainly from the ruling National Congress Party’s student and youth organisations -- protested in Khartoum against the UN peacekeeping plan, chanting anti-US and anti-UN slogans.

After completing a mission aimed at mustering support from the authorities for a UN deployment, the UN’s undersecretary general for peacekeeping operations Jean-Marie Guehenno reported no breakthrough.

"The response we had was not the one that we would have liked to hear," he said last week in a briefing during which he enumerated the ideas he submitted to the government during his consultations.

Beshir has repeatedly warned he will turn Darfur into "a graveyard" for Western troops, accusing the West of seeking to "recolonise Sudan".

The UN stresses that the deployment of a strong peacekeeping contingent in Darfur is essential for the success of the May 5 peace agreement.

The UN wants to replace the cash-strapped 7,000-strong African Union contingent which has attempted in vain to maintain peace in Darfur over the past two years.

A delegation from Minawi’s signatory faction of the SLM was expected to arrive in Khartoum Monday to discuss means of implementing the agreement with the government.

SLM spokesman Majub Hussein, already in the Sudanese capital as part of an advance delegation, reiterated his group’s call for the deployment of western forces in the war-torn region.

"Security in the region can be realised only in the presence of international forces," he told AFP.

Hussein also criticised the government’s order to suspend UN operations in Darfur as "a violation of international conventions on humanitarian issues by a government that systematically sought to starve the population of Darfur."

Decades of tribal fighting in Darfur erupted into all-out violence in 2003, when ethnic minority rebels took up arms, accusing the Arab government in Khartoum of neglect and calling for autonomy.

In response, the regime unleashed its Janjaweed proxies on Darfur’s largely black population. The combined effect of war and famine has killed some 300,000 Darfuris and displaced 2.4 million.

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