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Chinese PM wraps up African trade safari
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Date : 2006-06-26 11:47:06                      Reader : 327

If Rumsfeld goes on. a trip, he thinks only of his invisible war with terror abroad not inside US. That is why China has a growth rate triple as that of US .


Associated France Press (AFP) 26/6/2006

Chinese PM wraps up African trade safari


KAMPALA (AFP) - Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao wrapped up a seven-nation African tour aimed at boosting ties and shoring up resources for his country’s unquenchable economy.

Wen left Uganda at 6:00 pm (1500 GMT) after talks with President Yoweri Museveni in which both sides signed a raft of agreements.

The deals signed include economic and technical cooperation, energy and infrastructure, information and communication technology, mining, textiles, vehicle assembly, oil exploration, tourism and food processing.

"We signed an agreement with them under which China will finance a railway line linking Pakwach and Juba," said Okello Oryem, state minister in charge of International relations, referring to Uganda’s northwestern town and the south Sudan capital.

"After the feasibility study, China will consider funding one of their companies to construct the railway line," Oryem added.

Wen’s visit is the third high-level Chinese diplomatic tour to the world’s poorest continent this year, which has stirred criticism that Beijing’s hunt for natural resources is in disregard of human rights.

The prime minister stressed that China followed a policy of non-interference in other countries’ affairs and rejected criticism that Beijing’s diplomatic offensive was aimed at countering the United States.

Wen’s tour also took him to Egypt, Ghana, the Congo Republic, Angola, Tanzania and South Africa.

He is the third high-level Chinese diplomat to visit Africa in less than six months after Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing and President Hu Jintao, who clinched important oil exploration deals in several states.

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