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Palestinian civilians killed in fresh Israel air strike
Cat : Israel and Zionism
Date : 2006-06-22 10:36:11                      Reader : 284

but if they were Israelite then human rights are violated and terrorists need to be penalized. The crime will be condemned vigorously simply because victims are Zionists !!
Then why Muslims hate America ? The answer is for its democracy and freedom !!


Associated France Press (AFP) 22/6/2006

Palestinian civilians killed in fresh Israel air strike


by Adel Zaanoun

GAZA CITY (AFP) - Two Palestinian civilians were killed and another 13 wounded in a fresh Israeli air raid in Gaza that cast a pall over a first meeting between the current Israeli and Palestinian leaders.

The attack -- the second in 24 hours to miss its target and kill innocent people -- came after Israel threatened tougher strikes against militants who have launched scores of makeshift rockets at the Jewish state this month.

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, who is Thursday expected to hold his first, albeit informal, meeting with Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas, had earlier threatened harsher action against an upsurge in cross-border violence.

Palestinian security sources said a car carrying militants from ruling Islamist movement Hamas -- branded a terrorist organisation by the West -- and the Popular Resistance Committees had been the intended target.

Fatima al-Barbarawi, 27, was killed instantly. One her relatives, Zakaria al-Barbarawi, 45, died of his wounds caused by the Israeli air strike near the southern Gaza Strip town of Khan Yunis, medics said.

Another 13 civilians were wounded, including five children. Four people were in a serious condition, hospital sources said.

Two missiles fired by the Israeli aircraft missed the car but one ploughed into a nearby building, an Israeli air force officer admitted, as the moderate Palestinian leadership condemned the strike.

Palestinian presidency spokesman Nabil Abu Rudeina said "the continued escalation and assassinations are exacerbating tensions in the region and compromise efforts seeking to relaunch the peace process."

The Israeli air force officer vowed that the campaign of air strikes would continue despite the deaths of 14 Palestinian civilians in eight days.

"We will continue these aerial attacks in response to Palestinian rocket attacks because this style of operation is preferable to ground incursions (in the Gaza Strip) or imprecise artillery fire," the source told reporters.

But Wednesday’s civilian deaths were likely to further embarrass Israel just 24 hours after the deaths of three Palestinian children in a Gaza raid in which two militants from the radical Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades escaped.

That raid incurred international condemnation from Middle East peace sponsors Russia, which branded attacks on civilians "inadmissible," and UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, who deplored the strike.

British Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett also slammed the killing of innocents as "completely unacceptable."

Nine civilians were killed in an air raid on June 13, four days after another eight civilians died in an explosion while picnicking on the beach in an attack a rights group blamed on an Israeli shell.

Yet speaking at a World Zionist Congress meeting in Jerusalem late Tuesday, Olmert vowed there would be no immunity for Palestinians who attack Israel.

"From here I say to those who are trying to hurt you -- we will take harsh measures, more harsh and more painful than the ones taken before," he said, faced with the firing of more than 140 Palestinian rockets this month.

"There will be no immunity to anyone involved in terrorism, regardless of what they do or who they belong to," he said.

In the occupied West Bank on Wednesday, Israeli troops shot dead a wanted Palestinian from the Al-Aqsa Brigades. Eleven Palestinians were later wounded by Israeli rubber bullets when troops entered Nablus, medical sources said.

On the eve of the meeting in Jordan of Abbas and Olmert as Palestinian and Israeli leaders, host King Abdullah II pressed both sides to bear their responsibilities in seeking an end to decades of conflict.

Abbas and Olmert are to attend an informal breakfast hosted by the monarch to which other guests have been invited in the world heritage site of Petra.

The encounter will provide the first such high-level Israeli-Palestinian contact since June 2005.

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