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G8 ministers to call for stepped up action on Doha Round
Cat : Poverty and Debts
Date : 2006-06-11 09:57:44                      Reader : 292
 meanwhile I have a sward, a stone, and a knife how can we fight?! Now in free trade G8 reject protectionism policy , and in reality they base their free trade on protectionism by inventing specifications that do not correspond to developed countries products, then developed countries have to open their markets meanwhile G8 close their markets with their specifications and conditions !!

G8 ministers to call for stepped up action on Doha Round
SAINT PETERSBURG (AFP) - Group of Eight finance ministers have declared opposition to protectionism and called for "urgent progress" to conclude the Doha Round of trade liberalization talks in a joint statement.
"We are committed to fighting protectionism and to promoting liberalization of trade in agriculture, industrial goods and services as well as of investment," the ministers said after a two-day meeting.
"We agreed on the importance for global growth of an ambitious outcome of the Doha Development Round and recognize that urgent progress is needed for its achievement.
"Many developing nations also need substantial aid for trade to help them take advantage of trade liberalization."
Finance ministers from the powerful Group of Eight -- Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia and the United States -- discussed Doha at a meeting also attended by representatives from Australia, Brazil, China, India, Nigeria and
The Doha Round, launched in the Qatari capital in late 2001 and aimed at bringing the fruits of trade liberalization to developing countries, is currently foundering and in danger of missing an end-of-the-year target date for completion.
The United States and the
European Union are under pressure from developing countries to ease official subsidies to agriculture and to reduce import tariffs on farm products from poor countries.
Washington and Brussels are in turn pressing emerging economies to make their markets more accessible to industrial goods and services.
Nigerian Finance Minister Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala said: "There was a strong support to really reinvigorate the Doha round from everybody.
"We're saying this is not moving forward and that we wanted to move faster forward."

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