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Inter – Parliamentary Union
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Date : 2006-05-13 17:08:38                      Reader : 427
Wall street Journal also in a poll showed one third of Americans are in favour of Bush policy in Iraq in particular.
So we appeal your esteemed conference to call for withdrawal from Iraq and UN peace forces to take charge instead .
2. For Middle East as a point of tension, we appeal to your conference to adopt two items: -
(a) Simultaneous recognition of both states of Palestine and Israel , based on 4th June. 1967 boarders as per UN Resolutions and Arab League Initiative in Beirut;
(b) Bilateral agreement of non-violence to be signed by both Palestine Government and Israel , to be respected also by both.
Boycotting an elected government in Palestine under international supervision and approval, is not serious at all . To achieve peace and security, we have to distinguish between resistance and terrorism. Even Israel Minister of Foreign Affairs as well as Minster of Justice recognized Palestinian right of resistance against Israel soldiers in occupied lands; but killing civilians is a terrorist act. We agree fully with her, on condition that Israel itself does not kill civilians.

Terrorism is a worldwide phenomena that needs world co-operation through United Nations. Fighting poverty, Unemployment,corruption,injustice,illiteracy and dictatorship, among others, are the main roots of terrorism. Such factors settlement will lead to peace and security of the world.

3. Weapons of Mass Destruction (WND)
Having dealt with small arms. It is necessary to look seriously in WMD. The ex-President of US. Mr. Jimmy Carter, outlined dangers of US nuclear policy : -

US dropped down treaty of limiting rockets across continents, spending 80 billion to intercept such rockets in space.
US dropped down respect of conditions posed on unclear tests and development of WMD;
US announced plans to start testing special bombs that penetrate deeply in the ground ;
US has other secret weapons projects to use nuclear weapons in pre strikes against countries which have on WMD;more worse to build WMD bases in space!!!!!!
Even ex-defence Minister Robert Mackenmara in Foreign Policy Magazine said : " I cannot describe US policy of WMD except that it is illegal, immoral, without any military reasons, and very dangerous."
More dangerous than all above, in our point of view is depassing UN and monopole policy of US , that threaten seriously world peace and security .
On the other hand Israel has 200 nuclear heads plus neutron bombs plus chemical weapons as well as biological weapons,threatening peace and security of the Middle East!!!!!!!Coming conference in Tailand should seek dismantle of WMD on the globe.
We believe that encouragement of dialogue among nations and civilizations based on mutual respect and common interest, by enlarging investments , tourism, and economic relations will serve peace and security on the globe.

Thanks to Kenyan people , the government, Parliament and President for kind hospitality and hosting this Conference.

Yemen Palrimlaent Delegate


Inter – Parliamentary Union

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