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Third International Conference on Al-Qodos and for Supporting the Rights of Pale
Cat : International Conferences
Date : 2006-04-18 18:34:37                      Reader : 541
This will lead to reapproachment among all as the model existing in Lebanon between Sunni and Shiites. The dominant example is our conference of Tehran today .
It is not needed that Sunni become Shiites or Shiites become Sunni  . Mutual respect of faiths, with peaceful dialogue will enhance our issues including  Palestine and Iraq among others.
As to Al – Qodos, we have to continue our conferences with a fourth and  fifth, till Al-Qodos is liberated.
To break up isolation of Resistance Factions in the West , an international  conference is urgently needed about Resistance and Terrorism. Of course State terrorism must be focused as practiced by US and Israel, exe of evil of today.
As for Iraq, we count our victims there every day compared to Americans ; meanwhile United States calculates in its way : how many Shiites ? how many sunni  among victims !! So with our calculation if US deaths exceed our victims in Iraq , then America will immediately leave Iraq under pressure of American people .
But if US succeeds in its calculation with daily increase of Iraqis compared to Americans, Us will stay till full success of  their plan, to push Iraq into civil war.
If dear brothers and sisters, we could not stop bloodshed of Iraqi people, by killing more Americans than Iraqis, then we have to save Iraq by demanding immediate intervention of United Nations with its peace troops, instead of occupation forces. Of course most of UN peace forces  must be Arab and Muslim troops , to stop civil war that US / Israel axe of evil are working for  there in Iraq  .
As to support of Palestine people rights, an International   Fund must be opened affer conference without delay to support Palestinians, that should start  from Iran by an appeal from his excellency Aytollah Ali Kbameni .
As to enrichment  of uranium, Iran did not commit a crime, but simply exploited its right according to IAEA agreement, where the whole world work today with electricity generated by atomic energy. We do not understand why America is mobilizing the world against Iran !! Paradoxally Us itself singed a big deal with India for peaceful applications of nuclear energy !! More paradoxal is Israel that posses two hundred nuclear heads + neutron bombs + chemical weapons+ biological weapons, all revealed by the Jewish Vanunu who was imprisoned for twenty years, who worked in Dimona reactor in Israel !! Then why the dual policy of US ?! .
Finally we express our deep thanks  to their excellencies:
  • Ayatollah Ali khameni Supreme leader of Islamic Republic of Iran.
  • Ahmed Nejad : President of the Republic of Iran
  • AlSayed Mohtashimi  :  President of the Conference
  • Ghulam Haddad : Chairman of Sura Council for kind hospitality and hosting this conference , hoping determination of fourth conference of Al –Godos
Yemen Parliament      

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