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Israel kills Palestinian militant as raids escalate
Cat : Christian-Zionism
Date : 2006-02-07 18:27:44                      Reader : 1296
houses destroyed, children and women orphalined, aren’t they human beings . Israel will never have peace if Palestineans do not have peace. Any Israel attack will be revenged eye by eye , tooth by tooth.
So if Israelis are keen for peace they must sign bilateral agreement even for ten years that both sides will never use violence.


REUTERS 6/2/2006

Israel kills Palestinian militant as raids escalate


By Atef Sa’ad
NABLUS, West Bank (Reuters) - Israeli troops shot dead an Islamic Jihad commander on Tuesday, the eighth militant killed in a surge of attacks ahead of the formation of a Palestinian government and an Israeli election.

The biggest flare-up of violence since Ehud Olmert took over as Israeli interim prime minister last month included a Palestinian stabbing that killed an Israeli woman on Sunday and a rocket strike from Gaza on Friday that wounded a baby.

After the two Palestinian attacks, Olmert pledged in a speech "to strike anyone who tries to carry out terrorist activity" -- adopting a tough line as Hamas gears up to form a government and Israel prepares for its own poll on March 28.

In his latest public remarks, Olmert reaffirmed his intention to hold on to major Jewish settlement blocs in the occupied West Bank in any future peace deal.

Touring Israel’s barrier in the West Bank, a project it says stops suicide bombers but which Palestinians see as a land grab, Olmert repeated an order to complete the network of razor wire fences and concrete walls "as quickly as possible".

In a move that could further jeopardize any future peace efforts, a top Hamas leader said in Cairo the next Palestinian prime minister was very likely to be a member of the Islamic militant group, which is sworn to Israel’s destruction.

Israel and the United States say they will not hold talks with members of Hamas, which trounced Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah faction in January 25 parliamentary elections.

In the occupied West Bank, Palestinian security sources said Israeli troops killed a senior Islamic Jihad commander, Ahmed Radad, in an early morning raid in the city of Nablus.

Islamic Jihad had claimed responsibility for rocket fire from Gaza that wounded the baby and two other Israelis and series of recent suicide bombings against Israel.

Israel’s army spokesman said two soldiers were wounded in the Nablus raid in a gun battle that erupted while the troops attempted to detain Radad, 28, who was holed up in a building.

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