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JFK Assassination : Remarks and Observations
Cat : John F. Kennedy
Date : 2006-02-04 11:43:04                      Reader : 785
Israel Intelligence agency. The  Mossad. Has never been mentioned   
·        Babel Magazine : Israel need not apologize for the assassination or destruction of those who seek to destroy it. The first order of business for any country is the protection of its people.
·        Piper : Israel's mossad  was a primary ( and critical) behind the scenes player in the conspiracy that ended the life of JFK .
2- Rep. Paul Findley. Who was quoted in The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs in March, 1992 " During John Kennedy's campaign  for the presidency, a group of New York Jews had privately offered to meet his campaign expenses if he would let them set his middle East policy. He did not agree …. As the president, he provided only limited support of Israel".
 3- Kennedy's last fiscal budget year of 1964, Israel aid was $40 million. In Lyndon Johnson first budget of 1965, it soared to $71 million. And in 1966 more than tripled from two years earlier to $130 million.
  4 - Kennedy aid for Israel almost non military in nature. It was split equally between development loans and food assistance under the PL 480 Program.
-         Yet in 1965 under Johnson administration, 20% of US aid to Israel was military. In 1966,71% for War related materials.
  5- After JFK assassination , Lyndon Johnson his successor, had  a complete reversal in foreign policy: Not only did Israel's nuclear program move
Ahead unchecked; they also became the primary beneficiary of US foreign aid.
-         President Kennedy dealt with the Middle East in a way that most benefited the U.S. 
Michael collins Piper :
 6- In 1963, Kennedy sold 5 Hawk missiles to Israel as part of an aid defence system. In 65-66, Lyndon Johnson laid 250 tanks on Israel, 48 skyhawk attack aircrafts, plus guns and artillery which were all offensive in nature.
-         Writter:  If you ever wondered when
-         the Israeli War Machine was created , this is it ! Lyndon Johnson was its father!
7- Venerable Senator J. William Fulbright told CBS "  Face the Nation"  on April 15/1973" Israel controls the U.S senate. The Senate is subservient, much too much; we should be more concerned about U.S. interests rather than doing the bidding of Israel. The great majority of the Senate of the U.S – somewhere around 80% is completely in support of Israel; any thing Israel wants; Israel gets.  
        This has been demonstrated time and again, and this has made { foreign policy } difficult for our government.
8- " Vanunu: Israel behind JFK assassination "
        Vanunu Interview Al-hayat's weekly         Al Wassat  25/7/2004 .
We do not know which irresponsible Israeli prime minister will take office and  decide to use nudear weaponsin the struggle against neighboring Arab countries"
9- The Jerusalem Post " Israel may be implicated in the biggest crime of the past century which took place in Dallas in 1963"
10- The Jerusalem Post " Israel may be implicated in the biggest crime of the past century which took place in Dallas in 1963"
        Russia Pravda article on 27/7/2004
In a startling accusation, nuclear whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu has alleged that Jerusalem was behind the assassination of U.S President John F. Kennedy, who was exerting pressure on the then Israel head of state to shed light on the Dimona nuclear plant.
11- Tehran Times Irau.
Israel possesses between 100 and 200 nuclear weapons, including a neutron bomb and hydrogen bombs, which are tenfold in   their effect. If an atomic bomb can kill 100.000 people then the hydrogen bomb can kill a million.
12- Vanunu The Jerusalem Post
For Israel  The group that was involved with Ben Gurion in developing and protecting Israel's  nuclear arsenal was behind the assassination of kennedy
Vanunu said
AFP asked Vanunu to explain his comments about Israeli involvement in the murder of president kemndy.
" My view is that kennedy was assassinated because  of his strong opposition to (Israel prime minister) Ben Gurion." Vanunu said .
        At that time, Ben Gurion was working to creat a nuctear arsenal for Israel .The group that was involved with Ben Gurion in developing Israel's nuclear arsenal was behind the assassination of kennedy.` 
13- Avener Cohn: Israel and the Bomb Ethan Bronner
New York Times
On 31/10/1998
JFK  & Ben – Gurion , Pm  Israel
Collins: in his final days in office David commanded the Mossad to become involved in a plot to kill America's presidnt Ethan Bronner (31/10/98) in New York Times wrote about secret battle between JFK &  Ben – Gurion calling it a fiercely hidden Subject Kennedy's decision that he would make America his top priority in regard to foreign policy & not Israel.
14- Assassination of JFK
Congressman Kennedy refused to meet with Freedom Party leader Begin in 1948.Even fellow Jews suchan Albert Einstein and Hannah Arendt condemned Beging as a terrorist and a murderer .
Begin visit to the US
·        kennedy decision that he would make America his top priority in regard to foreign policy and not Israel.
·        Kenned planned to honor the 1950 Tripartite Declaration which said that the United states would retaliate against any nation in the Middle East that attacked any other country.
·        In Ben- Gurion eyes. John F. Kennedy was an enemy of the Jewish people & his beloved state of Israel .
Gordon Thomas: seeds of Fire.
Avner  Cohn: Israel & the bomb
·        Kennedy told Eshkol that the U.S. commitment and support of Israel could be seriously Jeopardized if Israel did not let the U.S. obtain reliable information about its efforts in the nuclear field. After that Kennedy was assassinated in Nov63
·        15- Reuven Pedatzer, in a review of Avner Cohen's Israel and the Bomb, in the Israeli Newspaper Haa'aretz, on February 5/1999 wrote. ' The Murder of American President John F. Kennedy brought to an aprubt end the massive pressare being applied by the U.S. administration on the govevnment of Israel to discontinue their nuclear program." He continues. " Kennedy made it quite clear to the Israeli Prime Minister that he would not under any circumstances agree to Israel becoming a nuclear state." Pedatzer concludes. " Had Kennedy remained alive; it is doubtful whether Israel would today have a nuclear option, and that. Ben-Gurion's decision to resign in 1963 was takey to a large extent against the background of tremendous pressure that Kennedy was applying on him concering the nuclear issue.    
·        Israel notorins Lavon Affair of the 1950's in which Israel staged bounbings on American and British Installations in Egypt for the purpose of blaming them on Islamic fundamentalist groups and destabilizing the regime of president Nasser.

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